The Family That Passes Out On The Front Lawn Together

Apparently get run over by somebody backing out of the driveway:

Police are citing alcohol consumption as a factor in a tragedy in which a woman allegedly killed her sister-in-law and injured two other family members by driving over them while they slept on the ground outside her home.

RCMP said several people were at the home in Berens River at the time of the incident Saturday afternoon, and they had been drinking.

A concerned reserve resident, who did not want to give her name, said the family had been drinking together at the house and the mother, the father and daughter passed out in the front yard.

“It was 4:30 and it was a sunny day. You do crazy things when you’re drinking and they passed out on the ground,” the resident said.

They are passed out drunk on the driveway at 4:30 in the afternoon? That’s some serious drinking. And the police state that “alcohol consumption is a factor? Knock me over with a feather. And yes – this is on a “Native Reserve” which is the Canadian version of an Indian Reservation. So drinking and “sleeping” (what a nice way to say passed out) all day apparently are what happens.

And just how drunk does the driver have to be to run over not 1, not 2, but 3 people before figuring out those speed bumps in the driveway are people?

Competing With the Welfare Economy

Australia has a long history of appeasing the aboriginal population with money that they have to do nothing to obtain.  And guess what?  Sitting around and getting drunk and watching TV is easier than working for a living:

Artist Bernadette Tjingaling has been on CDEP longer than she can remember.

The 34-year-old was busy cleaning up at the Merrepen Arts Centre at Nauiyu when The Australian visited.

She was helping to prepare for the community’s annual arts festival, which will be held later this month.

Like many others in her community, Ms Tjingaling was forced onto the work-for-the-dole program when the Howard government abolished CDEP last year. She is one of the few in the community who works in exchange for her welfare payments.

Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has reversed the previous government’s decision to abolish CDEP, but Ms Tjingaling said that after months of being paid a little over $200 a week for doing nothing, many people in her community did not want to go back onto CDEP, let alone undertake full-time work in local industries.

“Everybody used to work here,” she says, pointing around the arts centre. “When Centrelink came back on, everybody got lazy staying home.”

Now, would the “shocked” progressives in the audience please raise their hands?  Anybody you know who would be surprised that getting paid to do nothing–even a pittance that just gets you by–is preferred to working?

And its really interesting after being up there in the northern part of Australia with a bigger aboriginal population that you see the results right there every day.   The natives are sitting around the front of the mall or some store with the big bottles of beer.  They obviously have nothing to do, and spend their days getting drunk from about noon till they pass out.  And then start the same thing the next day.

There are Help Wanted signs in just about every store in the mall, but you never see any aboriginal people working in the stores.  Just sitting outside getting drunk.  And that’s how it ends up with a welfare state:

Tiwi Land Council business development manager Brian Clancy said a company set up by traditional owners on the island had trouble finding staff to work in its forestry operations.

“We’re competing with the welfare economy,” Mr Clancy said. “People just say straight out: ‘Why would we come out to work when we can go home and watch a video and still get our 280 bucks at the end of the week?’ It makes it very hard.”

Its just that you eventually hit some point where there are more drunks on the couch than the working people will pay for.  In Australia the aboriginal population is very small compared to the country at large, so its more of a rounding error in the national budget to just give them weekly beer money.  And the aboriginal society continues to disintegrate.  Wife beating (well, live-in woman beating – marriage is almost extinct) is common, just about everybody eventually ends up arrested for drunkness or theft, and the checks still come.

Isn’t this a case of genocide?  Just being done one check and case of beer at a time.

High Schoolers Post Drinking Photos – Shocked When They Get In Trouble For It

I just love the “huge invasion of privacy” comment. They post this stuff so other people can see it, and then are shocked when they get in trouble for it? And might this be a suggestion that every parent of a child with a social networking page check that page to see if they are boasting about their illegal actions?
clipped from
Eden Prairie High School administrators have reprimanded more than 100 students and suspended some from sports and other extracurricular activities after obtaining Facebook photos of students partying, several students said Tuesday.
“I don’t really put bad stuff on my page,” she said. “I’m not dumb.”

Students throughout the school are talking about getting stung by the Facebook photos, but the administration has not made any public announcements about it or sent out any information, Kalaidis said.

“Everyone thinks it’s pretty weird,” she said. “I think it’s a huge invasion of privacy.”

The Minnesota State High School League requires student athletes to sign a pledge that they will not drink alcoholic beverages.
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Click It – 12 Pack Style

Afterward a group of violent environmentalists beat the man to death for injuring a tree.
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CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — A man who lost control of his vehicle and was later treated for injuries may have buckled in a pack of beer, but not himself, according to a police report.
Citrus Heights police said witnesses saw Alexsandr Gritsyuk traveling northbound at about 60 mph on Van Maren Lane Sunday night, but failed to negotiate a turn at Garden Gate and hit a tree.
Officers said Gritsyuk appeared to be unrestrained by a seat belt, but that a 12-pack of beer in his car was secure.
The investigation is continuing.
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Club Tells Pensioner to Break Wind Outside

It is good to see that his men-only club doesn’t mind him farting up a storm.

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A retired bus driver who has drunk in the same social club for 20 years has been told to step outside when he breaks wind, because his flatulence is “disgusting” other customers.
Maurice Fox, 77, was handed a formal letter of warning from his club committee after “several complaints” from patrons.
“I do get a bit windy – I am an old fart now,” he said.
“They can be a bit loud at times. If I’ve got time and know they are coming I pop into the porch inside the door,” he told the South Devon Herald Express newspaper.
Mr Fox said that he had tried to calm his flatulence by switching from cider to bitter, but admitted that the six pints of Bass he drinks a day still leave him feeling gassy.
He added that his problem causes less of a fuss of in the men-only environment of another local club, Palace Place.
“I can let go when I like at the Palace. It’s more relaxed, and so am I,” he told the newspaper.

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