What Kind of Country

I’ll just give you the opening lines and encourage you to read the rest:

Why would anyone believe, even for a moment, that any Western state could “pre-emptively” nuke the Muslim world when it cannot muster the will to secure its borders, balance its budget, get Pakistan to release a diplomat or get Argentina to release a C-17’s cargo load of equipment? That would be like thinking that man who can’t run 50 yards can run the 100 meter dash in 9.5 seconds.

Diplomats Beaten and Arrested

Somebody run and tell the Obamessiah – diplomats are great big targets for people who talk with violence:

U.S. and British diplomats were attacked Thursday as they tried to investigate political violence in Zimbabwe and a U.S. Embassy staffer was beaten, an embassy spokesman said.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Paul Engelstad said the attackers had beaten up a U.S. Embassy staffer and slashed the tires of some cars in the convoy after it was stopped at a roadblock just north of Harare.

And what consequences will there be for this violation of international law and civility?

He said the U.S. plans to raise the issue with the U.N. Security Council and directly with Zimbabwean diplomats attending a U.N. food conference in Rome.

Yes – we are going to “talk” to them some more.  I bet that has Mugabe waking up with nightmares.