Grandma Is Keeping Me Warm

Apparently – soon to be a literal truth, not a figurative one.
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Mourners shivering in a chapel are to be kept warm using “body heat” generated from cremating their loved ones.

The idea will be tried at a crematorium near Manchester where grieving friends and relatives have complained of the cold during services.

Tameside council will use heat from cremating bodies to keep the mourners warm at Dukinfield Crematorium.

Town hall chiefs say the heat generated will be enough to power the boiler and light the chapel. But they admit it is a “sensitive” issue and have promised to consult clergy and the wider community.

Robin Monk, the environment chief of Tameside Council, said: “I’m not sure how people will react, but we don’t want to upset anyone. We will carry out full consultation with priests, vicars and the public before a decision is taken.”

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