What Kind of Country

I’ll just give you the opening lines and encourage you to read the rest:

Why would anyone believe, even for a moment, that any Western state could “pre-emptively” nuke the Muslim world when it cannot muster the will to secure its borders, balance its budget, get Pakistan to release a diplomat or get Argentina to release a C-17’s cargo load of equipment? That would be like thinking that man who can’t run 50 yards can run the 100 meter dash in 9.5 seconds.

Sleep Last Night?…………

Don’t forget they are serving to protect us and the world. Makes us realize our problems are minuscule, no matter how bad they are. They are our true heroes!
clipped from www.libertyhigh56.net

a little lumpy…
Toss and turn
Wish the heat
was higher…
Maybe the a/c
wasn’t on…
Had to go to the
Need a drink of
other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes,

have to park a little further from Walmart than you
want to be,


served slightly warm food at the restaurant,

sitting and cursing the traffic in front of


shower runs out of hot water,
of them…

your freedom!

he proud
warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen
So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in
Iraq the one way
that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company saying
the way we feel.
It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with
our fellow countrymen.
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Starting a New Life at 102

I just love that last quote that he doesn’t want to look back at 105 and regret not emigrating at 102. I only hope I get to be 102!
clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

Eric King-Turner is poised to become one of Britain’s oldest emigrants when he leaves Britain to start a new life in New Zealand.

The retired dentist, who was a surgeon commander in the Royal Navy, will turn 103 within weeks of completing the 12,000-mile voyage from Southampton on the Saga Rose liner with his 87-year-old wife Doris.

Mr King-Turner said: “I like New Zealand. The way of life is much the same as here but it is not so crowded and the weather is better.

“It’s a wonderful new adventure and I would say to anyone that if you want to do something you should do it straight away.

“What’s important is that when I’m 105 I don’t want to be thinking ‘I wish I had moved to the other side of the world when I was 102.’ “

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