Nader Campaign Slogans

First – some suggestions from IMAO:

* Skip the blacko, vote the wacko.

* Nader: because corporations selling you cool stuff is the REAL terrorism.

* Six more months of military experience than Bill Clinton.

* Kooky like Ron Paul, but without all that annoying liberty crap.

* Spoilernator III: Rise of the Lunatics

* Because I Can

* Looking 90, acting 12.

* Just a hooded sweatshirt and a stick of dynamite away from being the Unabomber.

* Nader: homonymically synonymous with “rock bottom”.

* FOR working families, AGAINST the corporations that sign their paychecks.

* He won’t start every sentence with “I served in Vietnam”.

* I’m John McCain, and I approved this candidacy.

* Nader: he’s never worked for a living either.

* Like Barack’s really going to miss .3% of the vote.

My suggestions:

  • Nader: So Old I Might Die Before I’m Inaugurated
  • Nader: Attention Must Be Paid!
  • Who cares about Iraq – I Killed the Corsair
  • Wait? President? Me?
  • I’ve Never Met a Corporation I Like – except for Cisco and other tech companies I made a killing on with their stock
  • Nader: Because I can Surrender Faster than Bambi or the Beast

You have any suggestions?