80 Years of Togetherness – In Pictures

I’d agree with her and say its an achievement.

clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

When a picture of two toddlers holding hands in the 1920s was taken no one could guess that 80 years later the same pair would still be seen hand in hand.

Bill and Jessica at two years old

Next week Bill and Jessie Cocks, both 79, are celebrating 60 years of happy marriage.

Bill and Jessica Cocks have been together for almost 80 years

Mr Cocks, who spent 38 years as manager of the delivery office at Eastleigh Post Office, said: “I don’t consider 60 years to be any great achievement really.” His wife does not agree. “I do see it as an achievement. You make your vows when you get married and you stick to them,” she said.

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