As The Messiah Turns

Harvey gives it his all in recapping the latest episode of the Obamamessiah and his good work in curing the ills of all:

“Help me, Obamessiah!” cried Marilyn, “I’ve spent all my money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, vodka, Red Bull, piercings, and back tattoos! I’ve no money left for tuition! How will I pay for school without getting a job like some fat, unpopular girl whom the national media’s cameras love not?”

“But how will you pay for it?”, sobbed Marilyn.

“Same way I’ll pay for everything I promise – by stealing money from someone who has more of it than you but less than me. Like from kid over there who looks un-fair-sharingly wealthy.”

“But I’m not wealthy!” objected the target of Obama’s accusation. “My clothes aren’t Old Navy faux-raggedy, they’re Salvation Army REAL-raggedy!”

“Questioning me is racism!” Obama snarled, poking a menacing – yet impeccably manicured – finger into the boy’s chest. “Now stop showing antipathy towards those who are different than you and pony up!”

And see how I need to wipe each eye.  And how the color of my skin changes.  And how you become really green.