Republicans for Obama

Oh the joyous sight of Republicans for Obama:

After many months of emphasizing his crossover appeal, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign rolled out some actual Republican supporters today — including former Iowa Rep. Jim Leach, a prominent moderate, who said foreign policy was part of his decision to switch sides.

“A lot of Republicans and independents are going to be attracted by his call for a new era,” Leach said in a conference call with reporters.

Joining Leach on the call were Rita Hauser, a former White House intelligence adviser, and Lincoln Chafee, the former senator from Rhode Island. Leach pushed the idea of Sen. Chuck Hagel as Obama’s running mate, saying the Nebraska Republican would bring a “wonderful balance to the ticket.”

Well – if its a PROMINENT moderate calling for Obama then it must be right.  How pathectic a monkier could you get?  prominent moderate.  Why not just emasculate him right there on stage?  Of course that assumes he actually has a pair on him at the time.  They are probably in his Life Partner’s Testicle Lock Box ™.

And if Obama wants a really angry VP candidate – Hegel would fill the bill.  Of course, he decided to “spend more time with his family” and not run for re-election to the Senate this year.  This was based on his great need to spend more time with his family and the fact that he would have gone down in flames in the Republican primary.  Funny how something like that might happen when a Republican Senator spends his whole term very publicly bashing a Republican administration which is actually supported by his very Republican constiuents.

And of course Little Linc has to stick his mug in the picture.  After the Senate Republican committee spent millions of bucks to get him re-nominated in Rhode Island – while trashing his opponent who was an actual Republican – this walking pile of pig feces gets trounced.  Why not have a real Democrat instead of a fake one?  Because as soon as he lost he declares he is switching parties to the Democrats – so how he even qualifies as a Republican for Obama I don’t know.  He says he’s a Democrat now.

But as for taking cakes on this particular story, the “intelligence advisor” has the whole thing:

Hauser said the candidates’ responses to the recent conflict in Georgia demonstrated an important contrast — with Obama’s being preferable. “John McCain’s was very bellicose. It was calling to kick Russia out of the G-8, ignoring all the strategic interests we have with Russia.” Obama, she said, was “very firm in calling for [Russia] to withdraw” from Georgia, but did so with a diplomatic tone.

And the Messiah did firmly, but diplomatically, call upon Russia to stop their invasion – and lo his very words caused the tanks to stop, the planes to cease their bombing and the very waters in the rivers to stand still.


What a surprise – the non-entity Rita Hauser is a mouthpiece for terrorists:

There was Rita Hauser, the PLO apologist whose law firm, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, racked up millions of dollars in legal fees over the years as a registered foreign agent of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. Ms. Hauser met with Mr. Arafat as early as 1988, when America still considered him a terrorist and refused even to allow him access to the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Skies Are His To Command

The Skies Are His To Command

Pinheaded Schmuck Endorses Democrat

Of all the things that the Senate Republicans did wrong in 2006, giving their backing to a little weasel like Lincoln Chaffee (and opposing a good conservative candidate in the primary) stands as example number 1 of why they lost control of the Senate.

And how does this ingrate repay Senator McCain who campaigned for him?

 Former Rhode Island Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee told reporters this morning that he is backing Sen. Barack Obama, despite the fact that Sen. John McCain campaigned for him in his failed 2006 re-election bid.

Asked whether McCain, the Republican nomination frontrunner, should take offense at the endorsement, Chafee said these things happen in politics. “I’m sure Sen. McCain will understand,” he said.

How does that little knife in the back feel Senator McCain?  Now multiply that many times to get close to why conservatives hate you and your candidacy.