Man Dies Trying To Get Through Cat Door

Darwin award winner! Choke to death trying to get through a cat door into your ex-girlfirend’s house.

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St. Johns County deputies recently launched an investigation into what they called one of the strangest accidents they’ve ever seen when a man was found dead after getting stuck in a cat door.
nvestigators said 32-year-old Charles Tucker Jr. was using the cat door early Saturday morning as a way to get back into his girlfriend’s St. Augustine home after the woman kicked him out.
“He’s a big guy. I don’t even know how he could fit through there,” Elliot said. “Probably to get in and unlock the door. They said he had one arm through there and his head was caught in there like he was to reach up and unlock the door because there’s no way he could fit through there.”
Officers said when they found Tucker in the cat door, it was not the first encounter they had with him during that weekend. They said on Friday they found him slumped over the wheel of his car and he was taken to Flagler Hospital, but was later released.

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