Personal Check for $272,000?

So would YOU take a personal check for over a quarter of a million bucks from this woman?

Police say a 31-year-old woman wrote a bad check for $272,000 to buy a home near Hi-Mark Golf Course.

Tonda Fosdick, who listed her address as Englewood, Colo., was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of writing an insufficient funds check, a felony because it was more than $1,500.

Officer Katie Flood said police began investigating Fosdick on allegations of fraud, after she had married a mildly mentally handicapped 23-year-old in April and allegedly applied for a number of credit cards in his name.

Flood alleged Fosdick made $26,000 in purchases on the credit cards.

What a wonderful example of Colorado Womanhood.  We can only hope that Nebraska keeps her under lock and key for a while.  Interesting that writing the check is a felony, but marriage fraud and taking advantage of someone who is mentally handicapped doesn’t seem to be a crime.  It certainly seems like it should be.