Why Lefties Don’t Get It

Missive from the great bastion of progressivism and idiocy – The Democratic Communist People’s Republic of San Francisco:

The anger found at these town mauls can only be explained by the many years of failed Bush doctrine and his ruinous economic policies.

And yet folks who think history only gets in their way point their rage at Democrats. I’ve seen these protesters. These people have lost jobs, homes and their hope for a reasonable future, and these forums are the only place they can express themselves.

I am not excusing them. They reminded me that we have lost our historical perspective along with our collective mind.

It is clear that we are all losing our health care dollars to a feeding frenzy of shortsighted greed and that the fix is in. There’s no relief in sight, not without a single-payer system.

We all seem to be crashing headlong into a financial abyss of joblessness, bankruptcy and foreclosure.

So why not scream and yell and holler? I only wish these protesters would take their righteous anger out on the people who deserve it the most: obstructionist Republicans.



You get it now?  Its all Bush’s fault!

Tax Somebody Else!

Just too many targets of opportunity in the People’s Republic today.  And we present this liberal twit who whines about fixing roads:

Editor – Why is it that residents of Marin County and San Francisco are being asked to replace a piece of an official U.S. highway?

At the point just before U.S. 101 crosses north, over the Golden Gate Bridge, it is called Doyle Drive, but it is still U.S. 101. Why are local counties being asked to replace a federal highway?

For the amount of money that is spent on the war in Iraq in one and a half weeks, all the repairs and improvements to the U.S. highways, recommended by the Federal Highway Administration, could be made. But that is who is supposed to make the repairs and improvements, the federal government; it’s a federal highway.

Like everything else, President Bush doesn’t want to take responsibility for that either.


San Francisco

Let see:

1.  You are the idiots who drive on the stupid road all the time so why shouldn’t you pay to fix it?

2.  Bush Derangement Syndrome – while I’m sure President Bush thinks about the roads in Marin County as one of his top priorities, why in the world have you and your elected representatives allowed your main transportation artery to deteriorate to some desperate point?  Clean up the turds in your own back yard sister.

3.   Isn’t it nice to believe in the Federal Government road-fixing fairy?  Who apparently will come and apply buckets of money to your roads without it costing you even one penny?  Do YOU pay any federal taxes, Miss Liberal Loony?

4.  I thought liberals loved taxes.  And you can’t get any deeper blue than the Democratic Communist People’s Republic.  Why aren’t you volunteering to re-mortgage your house in order to give the money to the government?  Isn’t that what you want everybody else to do?