PeopleSpeak Mouth Detergent

PeopleSpeak™ Mouth Detergent
Carefully formulated for the dirtiest People’s Leaders
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If you are a foul-mouthed progressive candidate suffering from a poor public perception, this product is guaranteed to leave your tongue and the nation’s memory sparkling clean and ready for your leadership. PeopleSpeak™ mouth detergent and word-replacement formula works by filtering out inappropriate statements, automatically replacing them with nurturing words that reach into people’s hearts and establish the positive model of care, motherhood, breastfeeding, and unconditional handouts.


Barney Frank: I used to have a male prostitution ring run from my home, but an application of PeopleSpeak™ made it sound as if I supported sexual minorities in their struggle against oppression. It pays to be a dedicated PeopleSpeak™ user!

Harry Reid: Every time someone mentions my lack of spine, duplicity, or shady land deals, a generous application of PeopleSpeak™ eliminates any traces of wrongdoing and restores a healthy balance of power.

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