Congratulations on Your Attempt To Murder Your Sister

As if this story couldn’t get any sicker:

A young Arab man from a small town in northern Israel was arrested on Tuesday after he shot and critically wounded his 19-year-old sister to “preserve family honor.”

According to the 24-year-old attacker’s own testimony, proudly given to police and rescue personnel that he himself called, he shot his sister twice in the head and then repeatedly kicked all parts of her body. Believing the girl to be dead, the young man went to report the deed to his family, which warmly congratulated him for preserving their honor in the context of Islamic law.

Meanwhile, the girl was rushed to an area hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. She remains in unstable and serious condition.

The girl’s crime, according to her brother and would-be killer, was that she had “befriended” other men following her divorce.

We await the outraged comments of the world feminist community.  But why wait?  This sort of thing occurs multiple times every day in the Muslim world.  The blood of these women cries out for vengeance.  They just won’t get any from Western Liberals.

Moral Superiority

And no one is saying that there aren’t good people in the Arab World. There were good Germans and good Russians. But the society that they have built is abhorrent. And I think that one of the big reasons George W Bush is so hated today is that he has forced a lot of people to actually see the sickness that is Muslim society.
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So we are clear, let’s recapitulate. The west are not moral equals to Iran, the Arab world or much of the Islamic world. The west and the US in particular, are superior to Iran, the Arab world and much of the Islamic world. Regimes that oppress their own citizens, abuse women and children, embrace terror, racism and genocide have no place at the table of civilized nations. No exceptions (pay attention. See this).
We deal with those nations because we have to and because it is in our best interest to do so. It also a reality that there are no alternatives. The is the primary role of government- to act in the best interests of her citizens.
Time and time again it has been shown that when the dysfunctional beasts that assume leadership in the Middle East are accorded ‘equal’ status, they behave in ways that are barbaric. When we cut off the aid, supplies and recognition, they behave in a more civilized manner.
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