The Politics of Apology

messiah_obamaIt is ushering in an era of American History that is likely to be known as “The Great Capitulation.”
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While our President is running around the world garnering all manner of foreign praise and applause for his “Operation: Global Submission,” I have a question for every American who thinks this little grovel-go-round is going to have positive results for our country, and especially for the President and his Secretary of State:

When did it become a measure of pride to stand up in front of the biggest audience you can find and announce “I am a pussy?” I have to assume that your fathers did not have the skill or intelligence or acuity to teach you the difference between humility and weakness, and that you are under the impression that constant public apologies backlit by ravenous blame acceptance is an acceptable substitute for a national backbone. Clearly, we are in excellent hands.
This “We’ll quit first if you promise to quit later” mentality is nothing but an attempt to win a last man standing contest by being the first man kneeling.
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Dhimmi of the Year – 2008 Nomination

It is early for the nominations to come in, but this just has to be noted.And why in the world would a member of the delegation request anonymity? Aren’t these people proud to go over to this state of supporter of terrorism and murder and prostrate themselves in front of this little thug?
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NEW YORK (MNA) – An academic delegation of Columbia University professors and deans of faculties plans to visit Tehran to officially apologize to Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.
The delegation plans to express regret for the insulting remarks Columbia University President Lee Bollinger directed at Ahmadinejad on September 24 in his introductory speech, the Mehr News Agency correspondent in New York reported.
Since the incident, the deans and professors from the faculties of history, anthropology, Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, and Islamic studies have criticized Bollinger’s behavior toward Ahmadinejad.
A member of the delegation, who requested anonymity, said the main goal of the visit is to meet the Iranian president and officially apologize to him.
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