President Pantsdown Goes Nuclear

At a meeting of the Politburo in the Democrat Communist People’s Republic of San Francisco:


In fact, before his speech Clinton had one of his famous meltdowns Sunday, blasting away at former presidential contender Bill Richardson for having endorsed Obama, the media and the entire nomination process.

“It was one of the worst political meetings I have ever attended,” one superdelegate said.

But as the group moved together for the perfunctory photo, Rachel Binah, a former Richardson delegate who now supports Hillary Clinton, told Bill how “sorry” she was to have heard former Clinton campaign manager James Carville call Richardson a “Judas” for backing Obama.

It was as if someone pulled the pin from a grenade.

“Five times to my face (Richardson) said that he would never do that,” a red-faced, finger-pointing Clinton erupted.

The former president then went on a tirade that ran from the media’s unfair treatment of Hillary to questions about the fairness of the votes in state caucuses that voted for Obama. It ended with him asking delegates to imagine what the reaction would be if Obama was trailing by just 1 percent and people were telling him to drop out.

Wow – who would have known that Mr. No Sexual Relations With That Woman had a temper like that?  Perhaps if they had watched him go off on Chris Wallace?  Or the hundreds of times that he yelled a the media during his presidency which were never publicly reported?

Way to go Rush.  Operation Chaos continues!

Slapping Women for Peace

Over the weekend, Melanie Morgan broke the story in West Chester, Pa. about a young female blogger who was assaulted while doing her job documenting both the pro-troop and anti-war dueling rallies.

‘Skye’ at was slapped twice by a member of the anti-war movement, a peace terrorist, while video-taping an exchange between both sides.

She was terribly traumatized by the incident, and did not release the video right away.

It’s out there now.

And it’s shocking.

A grown man slapping a woman.

Is this how they want to bring ‘peace’ to the world, by hitting females until they agree with them?

Obama Strangling a Puppy

It has long been known that the one personality trait that has been covered up by the Obama team is his anger.  He has been known to fly off the handle at the least provocation.  We here at ColoradoRight have been given photographic proof of his inability to contain his rage. Here’s the reaction of Barak Obama at a recent rally upon being told that the puppy he was given belonged to a Clinton supporter:


Of course, it is well-known that the media is in the tank for Democrats in general and Barak specifically.  Here’s the photoshopped version that was distributed to the wire services:


One Shoe Off and One Shoe Gone

With a 750,000 pound ($1.5 million) house it seems that they might somehow be able to find some cash. But burning her underwear crosses the line.
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A businessman took revenge on his wife for divorcing him by destroying one shoe of every pair she owned before suggesting that he had given them to Lady McCartney, a court heard yesterday.

Neil Medley, 46, is also accused of burning Jane Sanderson’s clothes and underwear in the garden.

When she returned, she found that at least �5,000-worth of her clothes and ballgowns that belonged to her sister had gone, as well as one shoe of every pair she owned. Later that evening, Mr Medley sent her a text message implying that he had given the footwear to the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney.

Leeds Crown Court heard how the couple, who were married for 13 years, separated in 2006 after Miss Sanderson discovered that they were in severe financial hardship, facing thousands of pounds of debts. At this time, they remained in their �750,000 home in Ilkley, West Yorks, with their children Holly, 12 and Scott, 10.

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