Literally- White People and Men Need Not Apply

Another preview of coming attractions from the country that used to be one that respected freedom:

White men could be legally blocked from getting jobs under new anti-discrimination laws being considered by Labour.

Employers would be able to give jobs to women or ethnic minority candidates in preference to other applicants, under the plans unveiled by equalities minister Harriet Harman.

If two candidates were equally qualified for a position, employers would be able to reject the white person or the man in favour of a black person or a woman.

Its so 1984 that the ministry is “Equalities”.  Equalities ministry will implement rules so that its much more important about the shape of your genitals or the color of your skin.  However, I find it very sad that the response of the Conservatives is to discriminate but base it on pay and the shape of your genitals – not the color of your skin:

Theresa May, Conservative spokesperson for women, said: “One of the real problems facing women today is the gender pay gap.

“If Harriet Harman really wants to help women in the work place she should strengthen the existing laws on equal pay. We have recently put forward proposals to do just that and our proposals would have a real impact on women’s lives.”

And none of this should be any surprise.  Why just last year the “Equalities” minister wanted to:

Last year Miss Harman called for all-black shortlists in constituencies with high ethnic-minority populations.

She said that unless action was taken, it would take decades for the make-up of the Commons to accurately reflect the make-up of British society.

But the plan immediately came under attack from ethnic minority MPs on the Labour backbenchers – saying black people should be selected on merit.

Farcial Democratic Pileup

The most formative period in the Clintons’ lives were the 1960s — years of fairy tales, drug use, and empty eloquence. But at the end of their march they find before the final door an incarnation of the dream which they must destroy in order to enter it. The essential egotism of their project from the beginning is exposed for all to see: raw power, not idealistic principle, fueled it, and it is altogether fitting that these icons of a destructive generation choose as their last victim one who embodies its best hopes.
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Were the Democratic presidential nomination decided by a PC hiring committee, Barack Obama would receive it. According to the calculus of suffering devised by political correctness, blacks deserve jobs before white women of privilege

THE DEMOCRATIC presidential campaign has become a farcical pile-up of left-wing contradictions. The Clintons, having bred their own PC destroyers, now scramble to use the bluntest weapons possible against them.

The low tactics are beyond parody. For example, the Clintons’ planned MLK weekend festivities include trying to disenfranchise black culinary workers by encouraging a lawsuit against them for holding caucuses at their place of business. (Noting this irony on television, the head of Nevada’s Culinary Union said the suit is nothing more than payback for its endorsement of Obama.)
No one is more authoritarian than a successful revolutionary, to which this most corrupt couple in American political history provides vivid proof,
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