Man Dead 8 Years Found in Apartment

While his severely mentally ill roommate continued to live there with the body all that time?
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The body of a man, believed to be dead for nearly a decade, has
been found in a UK flat, where a council tenant continued to
The body of the tenant’s former lodger was discovered by council
workers on a sofa in the lounge room after neighbours reported a
foul smell.
Police believe the dead man was in his 70s.
Police initially arrested the tenant living in the unit but are
no longer treating the death as suspicious.
They believe the elderly tenant failed to report the death
because he suffers severe mental health problems.
Bristol Coroner’s Court will open an inquest today and Bristol
City Council has launched an internal inquiry into how the corpse
went unnoticed for so long.
A spokesman for the council says it’s suspected the body was
there for at least eight years.
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