Bread Heads

Really – this is bread:

Kittiwat Unarrom got a master’s degree in fine arts and now makes lifelike body parts out of bread at a bakery in Thailand. All the disturbing yeast sculptures are made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He’ll also paint the outside with some sort of edible paint to give it an even more gruesome appearance. When asked why he does it, Kittiwat replied, “I’m a wackjob and I like making people sick”.*

Capitalism is Freedom

And the twits at Davos and elsewhere still don’t understand it.
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“Capitalism isn’t a system. Got that? Capitalism is the lack of a system. Why can’t you fools understand this? Capitalism is freedom. All “systems” are the enemies of freedom, because they rely on the opinions of a few– usually very cranky– people, instead of on the collective wisdom of everyone acting in their own self interest, tempered by their innate generosity. Capitalism is the unfettered desire and ability of humans to barter with one another and accumulate knowledge and things. That’s it. In capitalism, certain institutions arise because the market signals they are necessary in the first place, and supports them after they are established. In general, when people who do not understand this desire of humans to barter and accumulate things attack these useful institutions, they destroy wealth and impoverish people.
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Stopping Cars With Radiation

No more spikes on the road – just zappers on top of the police cars

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they’re creating an electromagnetic system that can quickly bring a vehicle to a stop. The system, which can be attached to an automobile or aircraft carrier, sends out pulses of microwave radiation to disable the microprocessors that control the central engine functions in a car. Such a device could be used by law enforcement to stop fleeing and noncooperative vehicles at security checkpoints, or as perimeter protection for military bases, communication centers, and oil platforms in the open seas.
To bring an opposing vehicle to a halt, the 200-pound device is attached to the roof of a car.
a specially designed antenna beams the microwave energy toward an opposing vehicle through a part of the car, such as the windshield, window, grill, or spacing between the hood and main body, that is not made of metal.
The radiated microwave energy will upset or damage the vehicle’s electronic systems, particularly the microprocessors that control important engine functions,

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Smell-vertising – Billboards start emitting scents

Next stop – inevitably in your house. Smell-o-vision coming up.

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Next time you look at a billboard and swear you can smell what it’s selling, it might not be your imagination. NTT Communication is working on its “Kaoru Digital Signage,” which emits various aromas to try to catch the attention of a nearby nose.
NTT’s aromatic sign setup consists of an emitter stocked with three 450 milliliter bottles hooked up to a 19 inch LCD. The LCD receives instructions via the Internet for what it should display and what smell it should release, and then ultrasonic waves spread the vapors over an area of 5,400 square feet. Currently, NTT is testing its displays outside the Kirin City Beer Hall in Tokyo, Japan, though luckily for people walking by the ads aren’t beer scented. Instead, more pleasing odors like orange and lemon are used.
Scented signs might not sound too effective at first, but NTT researchers found that releasing a hint of vanilla by pamphlets for chocolate nearly doubled how many people took one. Follow your nose, indeed.

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Half of IT Workers Have Fallen Asleep On the Job

I’d be very willing to bet that the 64% of government workers who slept didn’t do it because they were pushed to work 16,18,20 hour days to meet deadlines like the IT people.

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About half of IT workers admit sleeping on the job, kissing co-workers

More than half of IT workers say they’ve fallen asleep at work, according to a new online survey.
And, nearly half of techies also are apparently in the mood for love. Forty-seven percent of tech pros admit they’ve kissed a co-worker, according to the online survey of 5,700 U.S. workers, including 163 techies
Forty-nine percent of male techies say they’ve fallen asleep at work, while only 35 percent of women admitted doing so.
Across all professions surveyed, 45 percent admitted to having fallen asleep on the job. And nearly two-thirds of government workers — 64 percent — admitted to falling asleep on the job. Maybe because they spend so much time on their feet, workers in retail were least likely to fall asleep on the job.

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