Socialist With Knife and Fork Seeking Capitalist With Steak

This provides some wonderfully understandable images that differentiate between socialists (theives) and capitalists (non-theives):

Liberals see a great businessman and think “lucky bastard” or “cheater” – the notion that the man honestly earned his wealth and his success is a possibility that is seldom considered. Rather, they think of the successful businessman as some kind of exploitive tyrant who earned his prize only because he was able to deny it to those beneath him

Liberals don’t even believe that the concept of business risk exists – they view business as a perpetual money pumping, injustice-spewing machine which serves the needs of the few above the many. They never consider the symbiotic relationship between the job providing class and the working class; the idea that jobs have to be created is not one that occurs until an angry, unemployed mob arrives at their doorstop years after the initial advent of socialism. After all, isn’t a job something that each American is utterly entitled to? Jobs are a right, just like health care and an affordable home.

Socialists are merely the crashers at the capitalist dinner party – one capitalist provides the butter, another the wine, another the steak, and then the lone socialist shows up with a knife and fork asking “where’s my fair share, to which I am entitled?”

And after you have paid your federal income tax and state income tax and federal gasoline taxes and state gasoline taxes and state sales tax and county sales tax and local taxing authority sales tax and school property tax and library property tax and county property tax and service provider tax and your road and bridge tolls and your car liscence tax and your driver’s liscence renewal fee and ………

And after all that – the Obamamessiah pops up and says “you bunch over there make too much, I’m just going to take it because I know better and if you object you go to jail”.

At what point does the withdrawal of the consent of the governed occur?  We all know that the coming collapse of the Social Security Ponzi scheme wiill make today’s bailout pale in comparison.  But was Social Security and the $53 trillion of unfunded liabilities in it even mentioned in the past campaign?  Of course not.  Democrats did demogague the taxing of health care beneifts and claim McCain was coming for your Social Security benefits at the very end of the campaign, but isn’t that just standard operating procedure?

President Bush tried to put his political capital to work in 2005 on the Social Security issue and got zero support from his own Republicans.  Apparently the decision has been made to simply let the thing fall apart and deal with the consequences tomorrow – just like Scarlett O’Hara.

And by that time if the Obmanauts have already stolen every incentive for anybody in America to even try and work, just where are they going to get the money from for all those wrinkly Baby Boomers?

Social Security – The Real Deadline

I noted before the fake bankruptcy year for Social Security – here’s what really needs to be noted from BizzyBlog:

That is, of course, incorrect, as The Heritage Foundation noted (bolds are mine):

Social Security spending will exceed projected tax collections in 2017. These deficits will quickly balloon to alarming proportions. After adjusting for inflation, annual deficits will reach $67.8 billion in 2020, $266.5 billion in 2030, and $330.9 billion in 2035.

….. From (2017) on, Social Security will require large and growing amounts of general revenue money in order to pay all of its promised benefits. Even though this money will technically come from cashing in the special issue bonds in the trust fund, the money to repay them will come from other tax collections or borrowing. The billions that go to Social Security each year will make it harder to find money for other government programs or require large and growing tax increases.

There’s a method to Old Media’s studied ignorance. Heritage explains the problem, but doesn’t make the ultimate connection:

Every year, there is one less year of surplus and one more year of deficit. Once those deficits start in 2017, the Trustees Report shows that they will never end. Each year, with the disappearance of another year of surplus, reforming Social Security gets more expensive.

At some point, it will get too expensive to fix, and the USA’s retirement system will be stuck in the ruts seen in France, Germany, and other countries that refused to confront their demographic and financial realities. Those who defend Social Security as it is, and wish for political reasons to perpetuate the dependency culture it fosters in the senior population, would actually prefer that the US go down that same failed road. They know full well that all they have to do is run out the clock for something like 5-10 years. At that point, the partial privatization of Social Security to include personally managed investment accounts that could save the system will likely become fiscally impossible.

Don’t think for a minute that Old Media doesn’t understand this. They know that the less they cover Social Security’s real problems, and the more they allow it to be demagogued by its diehard supporters, the less likely it is that reform will occur. Their focus on 2041 instead of 2017 is no accident.
 Don’t listen to the pundits who tell you to not take early beneifts from Social Security.  It will be long gone if you wait.

Social Security Funny Money Fakes One More Year

The non-existent Social Security trust fund (IOUs that represent all the tax money that has been collected over the years and has already been spent by Congress) will last one more fake year than they expected this time last year.  It is now projected that the non-existent tax money in the trust fund won’t be all spent until 2041 instead of 2040.  We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief at that one additional year of fake revenues.

The Medicare fake fund will also last one more year, 2019 is when the already wasted money will run out for the doctor bills for your retirement.

So based on this good news, please make sure that if you do retire you don’t get sick after 2019 and that you die before 2042.  Actually, if you could manage to die a couple of years before 2042, then others might get a chance to spend their non-existant retirement trust fund money one more fake year.  Give it some thought.

Gimmee Gimmee – Government Benefits

RightWingNews has a great overview of why government benefit programs will only end with tears:

The reasoning goes, “Hey, I paid taxes all my life. A lot of taxes! If I hadn’t been paying taxes, I could have gotten it myself anyway! Therefore, I deserve these benefits from the government!”

Of course, the problem with that is that almost everyone feels like they’re paying too much in taxes and therefore, everybody feels entitled to get things for free from the government.

So, what this means is that the ratchet only turns one way. Plans to give away other people’s money — and yes, the Medicare Prescription Drug plan is paid for with “other people’s money” because the government has never saved a dime of what CoolCzech’s mother paid in — are popular and even the “other people” don’t get too upset about a particular program because taxes are paid on so many different things. Were your taxes used for the Medicare Prescription Drug plan or the road you drive on every day? Were they used to buy body armor for a soldier in Iraq or to give some artist a grant to make a picture of Jesus out of monkey feces? You don’t know and so while you may not be happy about how high your taxes are in general, most people don’t generally get all that upset about anything except the most egregious wastes of tax dollars.

But, by God, if they’re taking something away from you that you are already getting, you will raise holy hell because you paid taxes all your life and therefore you earned whatever the government is giving you with someone else’s tax money. That’s just human nature.

Social Security and Medicare were a wonderful deal for my Grandmothers.  My Grandfathers did their demographic duty and died in their 40’s and 50’s before they actually were paid out any money under these programs.  But since both my grandmothers lived into their 80’s they received far more in benefits than they ever paid in taxes.  My parents?  Well, it depends on their lifespan and espeically on if they experience a long-term illness.  The Medicare benefits for a long-term illness can quickly reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Me?  Either it will be inflated away into nothingness, or taxed back in some way.

Either that or it will end as all true democracies end.  Voters give themselves bread and circuses until the money is gone and the there is dictatorship and pain.  I certainly don’t believe that the politicians of either party will do anything until its too late to effectively respond.  If I’m lucky I’ll die before the pain gets too great.