British Muslim Medics Refuse To Follow Hygiene Rules

Universities and NHS trusts fear many more will refuse to co-operate with new Department of Health guidance, introduced this month, which stipulates that all doctors must be “bare below the elbow”. The measure is deemed necessary to stop the spread of infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, which have killed hundreds.
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Rules don’t apply to Britain’s Muslim colonizers — not even hygiene rules:

Women training in several hospitals in England have raised objections to removing their arm coverings in theatre and to rolling up their sleeves when washing their hands, because it is regarded as immodest in Islam.

We certainly don’t want to put saving lives before obsequiously indulging Muslims. If we do, we’ll get sued:

Documents from Birmingham University reveal that some students would prefer to quit the course rather than expose their arms, and warn that it could leave trusts open to legal action.

Proclaims the Islamic Medical Association:

No practising Muslim woman — doctor, medical student, nurse or patient — should be forced to bare her arms below the elbow.

We’re willing to give up our liberty for political correctness and dhimmitude, why not medical hygiene?
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Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells

Yet another success for adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells? still waiting on one single viable treatment.
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HELSINKI (Reuters) – Scientists in Finland said they had replaced a 65-year-old patient’s upper jaw with a bone transplant cultivated from stem cells isolated from his own fatty tissue and grown inside his abdomen.
Researchers said on Friday the breakthrough opened up new ways to treat severe tissue damage and made the prospect of custom-made living spares parts for humans a step closer to reality.
Using a patient’s own stem cells provides a tailor-made transplant that the body should not reject.
Suuronen and her colleagues — the project was run jointly with the Helsinki University Central Hospital — isolated stem cells from the patient’s fat and grew them for two weeks in a specially formulated nutritious soup that included the patient’s own blood serum.
The patient’s upper jaw had previously been removed due to a benign tumor and he was unable to eat or speak without the use of a removable prosthesis.
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HillaryCare Preview 1523 – No Treatment for You Fatso!

And won’t it be wonderful when those caring bureaucrats like those who staff FEMA and the State Department get to decide just what behaviors disqualify you for treatment?
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Patients could be required to stop smoking, take exercise or lose weight before they can be treated on the National Health Service, Gordon Brown has suggested.

In a New Year message to NHS staff, the Prime Minister indicates people may have to fulfil new “responsibilities” in order to establish their entitlement to care.

Women smoking;

Despite the NHS commitment to provide free universal care, it is already common for doctors to set conditions on patients seeking treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence already considers so-called self-induced illnesses in setting the criteria that determine which patients should qualify for new or expensive health treatments.

“We will describe how we will achieve our shared ambition of an NHS which is more personal and responsive to individual needs,” the Prime Minister writes.

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New Technology to Track Surgical Sponges

The system, which is FDA approved, is being used in all of Loyola’s operating rooms, its labor and delivery rooms, interventional cardiology laboratories in which surgical procedures are performed and its ambulatory surgery sites. As the technology grows, Loyola plans to use it to keep track of all medical equipment used during a procedure.

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Every year, in the United States about 1,500 people have surgical objects accidentally left inside them after surgery, according to medical studies.
This technology is very familiar to anyone who has ever used a grocery checkout system. Each sponge has a unique bar code affixed to it that is scanned by a high-tech device to obtain a count. Before a procedure begins, the identification number of the patient and the badge of the surgical team member maintaining the count are scanned into the counter. As an added safety feature, the bar code is heat sealed into the sponge to eliminate any danger of it becoming detached during a procedure.
The counter has a color screen that keeps a running count of the sponges used. It provides visual and audio cues when a sponge is scanned in, scanned out and if one is missing or is being counted twice. Because each bar code is unique, the system will not allow a sponge to be accidentally counted twice.

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New Scanner Provides 3D Images

Again, just how many of these new machines will Queen by Divine Right of Marriage and Its My Turn Hillary and her universal health care bureaucrats approve? It would only benefit the rich, after all.

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Skull scan

A new scanner has been unveiled which can produce 3D body images of unprecedented clarity while reducing radiation by as much as 80%.
The new 256-slice CT machine takes large numbers of X-ray pictures, and combines them using computer technology to produce the final detailed images.
It also generates images in a fraction of the time of other scanners: a full body scan takes less than a minute.

Because the images are 3D they can be rotated and viewed from different directions – giving doctors the greatest possible help in looking for signs of abnormalities or disease.
The scan is much quicker than current technology, as the machine’s X-ray emitting gantry – the giant ring-shaped part that surrounds the patient – can rotate four times in a single second – 22% faster than current systems.
“It is so powerful it can capture an image of the entire heart in just two beats.”

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Tiny Ultrasonic Probe offers Panoramic View

Medical diagnosis gets less invasive and more complete. Its good to live with advanced technology isn’t it?P.S. Can’t you just wait till some government bureaucrat in Hillary’s Health Care Police must approve the use of these kinds of new devices? It might be decades before you will see advances like this once we get “free” health care.

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An ultrasound probe about the size of a grain of rice that could offer panoramic views from inside the human body is being tested by US researchers. They say it could be threaded through blood vessels in the brain or swallowed like a pill.
The new device – about 1 millimetre across, 1 millimetre long and shaped like a hexagonal cylinder – affords a panoramic picture, showing the view from each side of the device, and to the front.
The team has completed tests of the device in tanks of water, and plans to test it in animals, attached to the end of a wire-like endoscope.
If these tests prove successful, the hope is that it could offer doctors a much more complete picture of new locations inside the human body. “It could be used to measure blood flow deep inside the brain,” says Chen, “to identify the early stages of strokes or other disease.”

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Hot Peppers – The Next Thing in Pain Control

Lots of movement in lots of different areas with this chemical from hot peppers.

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Bite a hot pepper, and after the burn your tongue goes numb.
Doctors are dripping capsaicin, the chemical that gives chili peppers their fire, directly into open wounds during some highly painful operations.
The hope is that bathing surgically exposed nerves in a high enough dose will numb them for weeks, so that patients suffer less pain and require fewer narcotic painkillers as they heal.

“We wanted to exploit this numbness,” is how Dr. Eske Aasvang, a pain specialist in Denmark who is testing the substance, puts it.
And at the National Institutes of Health, scientists hope early next year to begin testing in advanced cancer patients a capsaicin cousin that is 1,000 times more potent, to see whether it can overcome their intractable pain.
Harvard University researchers are mixing capsaicin with another anesthetic in hopes of developing epidurals that wouldn’t confine women to bed during childbirth, or dental injections that don’t numb the whole mouth.

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