Tax Me More – Not Really

And those who believe in “government investments” show just how much they actually put their money where their mouth is:

State lawmakers can rule out Virginian’s offering up more of their hard-earned money to fix the $1.4 billion budget shortfall Gov. Tim Kaine announced this week.

At least that is what a peek at the so-called “Tax Me More Fund” suggests.

Since its inception in 2002, the fund has collected a total of $10,217.04. 

In his book, “From Hope to Higher Ground,” Mr. Huckabee said that from 2001 to 2005, a total of 56 persons made contributions to the Arkansas fund, totaling $2,077. 

Don’t tax me or thee, but tax him over there behind that tree.

“The people of Virginia have voluntarily taxed themselves in the amount of 0.00000005 percent of Virginia’s budget since 2002, which is a good measure of their support for tax increases,” said Sen. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, Fairfax County Republican. 

So why do we let Presidential candidates run around talking about how  wonderful it will be when everybody is taxed to death for “universal health care”?  Because everybody believes that it will be somebody else paying for it – not them!

Hilllarycare Preview 2155

Mixed Sex Wards? Oh come on – there won’t be any more private or semi-private hospital rooms. You will be on a ward and its going to be with whoever they want to stuff in there. Women and Men together? Its cost-effective. After all – the health care bureaucrats need their year-end bonuses.And don’t you just love the weaselly worded response from the Health Minister. Does it remind you of someone parsing the meaning of the word “is”?
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Lord Darzi, the Health Minister, told the Lords yesterday: “The Government is committed to single sex accommodation, not single sex wards – they are two different things. The only way we are going to have single sex wards in the NHS is to build the whole of the NHS into single rooms (really?)…that is an aspiration that cannot be met.
“We used to have single sex wards 15 years ago but medicine has moved on.”
Note his words carefully. There is no mention of mixed sex wards – only “accommodation”. In other words, the Government is no longer committed to the provision of “single sex wards” but to “single sex accommodation”, a piece of fudging which means, in essence, that mixed sex wards will continue to exist
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Canada’s Backup Medical System – America

Of course, once HillaryCare takes over I guess Cuba will become the backup for America. At least if you believe Michael Moore

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We finally have good operating understanding of “universal” health care: somewhere in the universe there may be a place for you to get treatment. And if you are lucky enough to live near the United States before Hillary Care II takes hold, you may even get treated.
The precious gift of American citizenship comes to the Jepp Quads because there were no hospital facilities anywhere in Canada able to handle 4 neonatal intensive care babies. Not in Calgary, a city of over a million people, the wealthiest in Canada, or anywhere else in Canada. �Local officials looked.

However, Great Falls, a city of well under one hundred thousand people, apparently had no problem with unusual demand for such facilities.

As Don Surber points out, the United States functions as Canada’s back-up medical system, enabling it to run with less investment in facilities. America’s evil, heartless private medical care system saved the day.

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Breathalyzer Can Detect Cancer, Heart Disease and Other Diseases

The future of medicine is much less invasive processes for analysis and detection.

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A portable breath-testing device on display here at the DARPATech 2007 conference can supposedly detect a wide range of diseases, including breast cancer, by analyzing your breath.
The Breath Collecting Apparatus 5.0 (BCA) samples your breath over the course of two minutes, and analyzes it on-site for specific VOCs.
According to the device’s maker, Menssana Research, the BCA has been able to detect breast cancer with the same accuracy as a mammogram. And initial findings have shown that the BCA detects pulmonary tuberculosis.
The BCA can also supposedly detect lung cancer, certain kind of heart disease and diabetes. And it’s been approved by the FDA for clinical use in detecting heart transplant rejection.
It’s not only cheaper than many equivalent diagnostics, but its far less daunting, which could mean significantly earlier detection

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Social Security Funny Money Fakes One More Year

The non-existent Social Security trust fund (IOUs that represent all the tax money that has been collected over the years and has already been spent by Congress) will last one more fake year than they expected this time last year.  It is now projected that the non-existent tax money in the trust fund won’t be all spent until 2041 instead of 2040.  We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief at that one additional year of fake revenues.

The Medicare fake fund will also last one more year, 2019 is when the already wasted money will run out for the doctor bills for your retirement.

So based on this good news, please make sure that if you do retire you don’t get sick after 2019 and that you die before 2042.  Actually, if you could manage to die a couple of years before 2042, then others might get a chance to spend their non-existant retirement trust fund money one more fake year.  Give it some thought.

Gimmee Gimmee – Government Benefits

RightWingNews has a great overview of why government benefit programs will only end with tears:

The reasoning goes, “Hey, I paid taxes all my life. A lot of taxes! If I hadn’t been paying taxes, I could have gotten it myself anyway! Therefore, I deserve these benefits from the government!”

Of course, the problem with that is that almost everyone feels like they’re paying too much in taxes and therefore, everybody feels entitled to get things for free from the government.

So, what this means is that the ratchet only turns one way. Plans to give away other people’s money — and yes, the Medicare Prescription Drug plan is paid for with “other people’s money” because the government has never saved a dime of what CoolCzech’s mother paid in — are popular and even the “other people” don’t get too upset about a particular program because taxes are paid on so many different things. Were your taxes used for the Medicare Prescription Drug plan or the road you drive on every day? Were they used to buy body armor for a soldier in Iraq or to give some artist a grant to make a picture of Jesus out of monkey feces? You don’t know and so while you may not be happy about how high your taxes are in general, most people don’t generally get all that upset about anything except the most egregious wastes of tax dollars.

But, by God, if they’re taking something away from you that you are already getting, you will raise holy hell because you paid taxes all your life and therefore you earned whatever the government is giving you with someone else’s tax money. That’s just human nature.

Social Security and Medicare were a wonderful deal for my Grandmothers.  My Grandfathers did their demographic duty and died in their 40’s and 50’s before they actually were paid out any money under these programs.  But since both my grandmothers lived into their 80’s they received far more in benefits than they ever paid in taxes.  My parents?  Well, it depends on their lifespan and espeically on if they experience a long-term illness.  The Medicare benefits for a long-term illness can quickly reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Me?  Either it will be inflated away into nothingness, or taxed back in some way.

Either that or it will end as all true democracies end.  Voters give themselves bread and circuses until the money is gone and the there is dictatorship and pain.  I certainly don’t believe that the politicians of either party will do anything until its too late to effectively respond.  If I’m lucky I’ll die before the pain gets too great.