The Death of an American Princess

Dear Caroline and Her Sainted Father

Dear Caroline and Her Sainted Father


Those close to the Kennedy family are appalled at how Caroline’s brief political career has fared. “Everything that was special about her got stripped away,” says one. But this source, among others, says Caroline, an intensely private person who has made her impact largely through charity and volunteer projects, may not in fact be suited to the rough-and-tumble family business.

A Tribute To Caroline's Death

A Tribute To Caroline's Death

“Popular” Immigration Bill

Which is actually seen by the broader public for what it is – a push for amnesty.

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There’s a way in which journalists insert how they think Americans should stand on an issue, and you see it in stories on the Kennedy-Kyl immigration bill that tanked so spectacularly in Washington last week.
What a crock. If this bill were popular, then Washington would have passed it in a heartbeat. If the bill were popular among Democrats, as bill supporters suggest, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would be pushing for another vote, instead of daring President Bush to champion the measure.
And here’s something the New York Times story forgot to mention: Its poll also found that 69 percent of Americans think illegal immigrants should be prosecuted and deported.
Rasmussen summed up the public attitude as, “What difference does it make what rules we have, if anyone can walk in anyhow?”

Besides, the Senate began work on this bill with the goal of legalizing illegal immigrants — not with an eye toward beefing up border enforcement.

And voters know that. On Wednesday, CNN’s Jack Cafferty repeated the bogus narrative: “A new poll shows a majority of Americans support allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens if they pay fines, learn English and meet other requirements. How will this affect the stalled immigration bill?”

The answer is: It will have no effect whatsoever, because Washington pols know what many journalists cannot begin to grasp. American voters don’t want this bill. They want less, not more, illegal immigration.

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My Fellow Felons, er, Citizens

Of course we racists who think that its NOT a good idea to give US citizenship to felons might not agree:

A bipartisan immigration bill narrowly survived a potentially fatal challenge on Wednesday when the Senate turned back a Republican bid to limit the illegal immigrants who could gain lawful status. The close vote on a proposal by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to bar felons—including those court-ordered to be deported—from legalization reflected the delicate position of the contentious immigration bill, which remains under threat from the right and the left.

The vote was 51-46 against the amendment. Democrats succeeded in sucking support from Cornyn’s proposal by winning adoption of a rival version that would bar a more limited set of criminals, including certain gang members and sex offenders, from gaining legalization. The Senate backed that amendment 66-32.

I think I have to agree with the Anti-Idotarians on this one:

The McKennedy Coalition of Weasels don’t want to shut out the criminals committing the felonies that no Americans will commit.

RINOs who want felons and illegal aliens awaiting deportation to become citizens:

Craig (R-ID)
Domenici (R-NM)
Graham (R-SC)
Hagel (R-NE)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McCain (R-AZ)
Specter (R-PA)
Voinovich (R-OH)

If three of these had had any respect for the laws they’re sworn to uphold, the amendment would have passed.

Sad Report for Colorado

From the Jawa Report – analysis of the votes on the McCain/Kennedy Country Surrender Bill:

Voting Records So Far on the Amnesty Bill

As y’all know, I’ve been watching this immigration bill very closely over the last few days. In particular, I’ve been watching how the senators have been voting.

There are only SIX senators who have voted 100% with Ted Kennedy on this bill, and FOUR of them are Republicans (in name). These are the seven members of what I call the “Kennedy/Specter Group:”

Kennedy (D-MA)
Salazar (D-CO)
Lieberman (ID-CT)

Specter (R-PA)
Lugar (R-IN)
Graham (R-SC)
Martinez (R-FL)

These seven senators have voted in lockstep together in the voting on this bill on every key vote so far. The rest of the senators vary in their level of adherence to the Kennedy/Specter voting pattern.
Even a communist twit like Bernie Sanders (Kook-VT) has only voted with this 43% of the time – but our “independent Democrat” Cowboy Ken is 100% with Teddy.

Just as a note: Allard (R-CO) 29%

Supposed Republicans

Right Wing News has a report on “Republicans” just going over the top in praise of Swimmer Ted for his work on the Surrender the Country Amnesty Bill:

The piece starts out with RNC Chairman Mel Martinez and that empty headed mediocrity Lindsey Graham yucking it up with Ted Kennedy over how they stuck it to conservatives on this immigration bill.

Is there any more praise that these braindead morons want to heap on Ted Kennedy — that’s TED KENNEDY!!!! — for screwing America and conservatives around the country with this disastrous bill? Can the next article perhaps feature Graham and Kennedy hugging?

Where in the world did these blockheads ever come up with the idea that it was a good idea for Republicans to screw over their seething base in order to sign on to an unpopular immigration bill written by Ted Kennedy and then slobber all over him when it was all over?

If you agree with Ted Kennedy on ANYTHING–the sun coming up in the morning, that water is wet, anything at all–you should immediately question your motives and actions.  This freak has been working for over 40 years now to make America weaker and less likely to continue as a country and a civilization.