Hippie Punching – FAQ

Frank J has an excellent follow up on the issue of Hippie Punching:

Q. Where is best to punch a hippie?
A. About the face. That’s where the hippie is most annoying.

Q. What is a hippie?
A. Generally, a hippie is an annoying, useless. Actually, less than useless, as they are not happy until they prevent other people from being useful as well. In fact, Scientists have determined that the only evolutionary purpose of a hippie is for punching as a stress release for productive members of society.

Q. Are there any other uses for hippies than punching them?
A. No, there are no other uses.

Q. Couldn’t they be ground up and used as chum?
A. They’re too gummy.

Q. Where do hippies come from?
A. There’s basically waste products of a productive society, as they only come from middle class to upper middle class families. Thus its important for parents to make sure they tell children the importance of not being a hippie while also making them cut the lawn and do other non-hippie, productive activities.

Q. Where can hippies be found?
A. Their main habitat is the college campus and can be found in the vicinity thereof. Occasionally they have mass migrations to city areas to work as a large group (a group of hippies is known as a “protest”) to make loud noises and annoy people. In this way, they are like geese, except with more excrement. Also, they have large puppets.

The Real Do-Gooders and the Pseudo Do-Gooders

Their impassioned desires to make the ENTIRE world look the way THEY want it is a utopian dream – FOR A NARCISSIST!And they don’t care if their utopia is just an unrealistic dream. Or, if it’s been proven to be a nightmare in other nations, in other centuries. WHY!? Because: For the leftist, it’s more about looking like their helping, than really helping.
clipped from astuteblogger.blogspot.com

Here are a few examples – of people who made or a making or are trying to make a REAL DIFFERENCE, and the narcissistic pretenders and utopianists who have accomplished NOTHING, or nothing good:


Reagan – he defeated the USSR,
and saved the spirit and economy of the USA,
and he saved the Free World


Gorbachev – he tried to save the USSR


Petraeus – well, you know the rest


Wes Clark – he panders to the Kossacks and actually ASPIRES to be a Veep while parroting the defeatist dem line


Justice Thomas: defender of the Constitution –
including the 1st and 2nd Amendments


McCain – who had trampled on the 1st Amendment and would limit the 2nd,
and tax the crap out of us to stop global climate change




Fred Hayek proved that socialism is INEVITABLY the road to serfdom
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Starting a New Life at 102

I just love that last quote that he doesn’t want to look back at 105 and regret not emigrating at 102. I only hope I get to be 102!
clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

Eric King-Turner is poised to become one of Britain’s oldest emigrants when he leaves Britain to start a new life in New Zealand.

The retired dentist, who was a surgeon commander in the Royal Navy, will turn 103 within weeks of completing the 12,000-mile voyage from Southampton on the Saga Rose liner with his 87-year-old wife Doris.

Mr King-Turner said: “I like New Zealand. The way of life is much the same as here but it is not so crowded and the weather is better.

“It’s a wonderful new adventure and I would say to anyone that if you want to do something you should do it straight away.

“What’s important is that when I’m 105 I don’t want to be thinking ‘I wish I had moved to the other side of the world when I was 102.’ “

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Silver Star – Joshua Chiarini

All four men survived thanks to Doc Chiarini and earning the Silver Star was a special recognition for him. But he received the best tribute several weeks after returning to Camp Lejeune when he ran into one of them at 8 Ball Pizza, a corporal nicknamed Redhead.“Doc, I knew everything was going to be OK when I saw you come through the smoke,” the Marine told him.

clipped from www.nicedoggie.net


Ducking enemy fire he ran the 200 meters to the wounded Marines. Kenny looked at him through trauma shocked eyes and asked if his arm was still there. “Some of it” he said and pointed Kenny towards the relative cover of the rear of the burning humvee. A Marine who had been blinded was busy firing wildly at the sounds of the enemy weapons. Doc Chiarini pointed him in the right direction and began tending to the other wounded men. Often times working on the wounded men with one hand and retuning suppressive fire with the other, the doc tended to his Marines.
Chiarini then walked each of the wounded Marines to the protection of the second armored humvee, providing cover fire as they moved. He made three 100 meter trips across the bullet swept battlefield retrieving his Marines. The severely wounded Kenny still remained and weak from blood loss and shock could no longer walk. With one hand Doc Chiarini carried Kenny back while he fired his M-16 with the other.

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The Day Nobody Was Killed In Iraq

This is really good news! And of course it is nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. Our mainstream liberal propaganda machines want us to keep thinking we are in a quagmire, the army is broken, hope is lost, and it’s all Bush’s fault. Hello…. we are winning this war!!! Thanks to our resolute President and our magnificent armed forces.

clipped from www.theaustralian.news.com.au

IT is whispered about at the margins of meetings, and discussed in Washington parties where rumour is passed around with the wine and canapes.

It even appears, fleetingly, to be fact.

“The day nobody died from violence in Iraq” is a date that has been much anticipated in the White House – where US President George W. Bush is desperate to hail the success of his surge of 30,000 troops this year.

But no one can quite say when this event occurred.

“It was some time this week, wasn’t it?” says a senior military source. “Or maybe last week.”

Another diplomatic official confidently asserted that there were “at least two such days this month”. When, exactly? “Not sure,” he replied.

Such vagueness may be concealing a truly significant transformation on the ground in Iraq.

There have certainly been several days in the past month when no US or British soldiers were killed.

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80 Years of Togetherness – In Pictures

I’d agree with her and say its an achievement.

clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

When a picture of two toddlers holding hands in the 1920s was taken no one could guess that 80 years later the same pair would still be seen hand in hand.

Bill and Jessica at two years old

Next week Bill and Jessie Cocks, both 79, are celebrating 60 years of happy marriage.

Bill and Jessica Cocks have been together for almost 80 years

Mr Cocks, who spent 38 years as manager of the delivery office at Eastleigh Post Office, said: “I don’t consider 60 years to be any great achievement really.” His wife does not agree. “I do see it as an achievement. You make your vows when you get married and you stick to them,” she said.

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SEAL Awarded Medal of Honor

There’s not a more deserving warrior patriot. I read of his courage under fire as written by the survivor mentioned, his fellow SEAL and best friend, Marcus Luttrell, in his book Lone Survivor. They were all incredible men, thus it was an incredible loss.

clipped from www.nydailynews.com

Navy Seal Lt. Michael P. Murphy, who perished deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. He has been awarded a Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award.

A Navy Seal from Long Island who gave his life to save three men under his command in Afghanistan is recieving a posthumous Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award
Lt. Michael P. Murphy, who grew up in Patchogue, is the first to recieve the award for service in Afghanistan, according to a Navy statement.
Murphy,�who was 29 when he died,�became the first Navy SEAL to earn the award since Vietnam, and the fourth SEAL ever to�merit the distinction.

Murphy’s 4-man team was on a mission to find a Taliban leader in the mountains of the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan when they came under fire.

Murphy was wounded, but he managed to crawl to an open area where he would be able to radio for help. He was then shot down by enemy bullets. Two others were killed in the conflagration. Due in large measure�to Murphy’s bravery, the fourth man survived.

Murphy's gravesite at the Calverton National Cemetery near Riverhead, Long Island.

Read the full�story of Michael Murphy’s heroism:

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