Interesting Venue for The Porkulus Signing

The website Face the State has some very interesting information about the place where the generational theft bill called Stimulus was signed today:

With a stroke of the pen today, President Barack Obama will enact the largest single federal spending package in history. He will do so inside Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science, a facility heavily subsidized by Denver taxpayers and one that stands in stark contrast with Obama’s own pledges regarding open government.


The museum is the single largest recipient of grant money from the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District, a multi-county sales tax district created by the state. In 2008, the DMNS was budgeted to receive nearly $7 million in appropriations, although little information is available as to how exactly this money is spent. Despite receiving significant annual funding from taxpayers, the museum is tight-lipped as to its operations and expenses, citing its status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Taxpayers are expected to cough up the cash.  How its actually spent it none of their business.  Oh and when it comes to that tax thing:

The museum came under fire in 2007 for donating $300,000 to a successful campaign to raise Denver property taxes by $500 million, $30 million of which will flow back to the DMNS. Museum officials said at the time that the political contribution came from ticket sales and other visitor revenue, not public funds. Without basic information as to the non-profit’s finances, however, Face The State is unable to independently verify the museum’s claims.

Unfortunately you read that right.  This bunch of thieves used Denver’s very own tax money to sell a tax increase.  Pretty good return at 10,000%.  But did the voters know that their own money was being used to sell them a huge tax increase?

Random Thoughts

1.  We all know that the state governors coming to the Federal government for bailouts is simply a buck-passing process.  They are looking at reduced revenues and instead of being straightforward and saying “We love government and are raising your taxes to pay for it”, they get to hide behind the cover of having the Feds print money and send it to them by the back door.  They know this is a fraud, the feds know it is a fraud, I know its a fraud.   What’s still shocking to me is that there apparently are a whole host of Americans who don’t understand that this isn’t something they can get for “free”.  Perhaps is a failing of my imagination.  But I would love for somebody who thinks that this is a good thing to attempt some explanation about how this isn’t just a honking pile of horse feces.

2.  See this picture of the guns that the terrorists in India used to slaughter hundreds?


These are not the standard third-world AK-47’s which can be put together with tinfoil and toothpicks and still kill people.  These are HK MP5s, and as Anatreptic notes:

This isn’t a black market gun. While people living in caves in Afghanistan can and do manufacture Kalashnikovs by hand, the MP5 is a sophisticated weapon requiring high tech metallurgy and other technologies for their production.

Pakistan Ordinance Factories manufactures these weapons under license from HK, and they are under the control of the Pakistani Ministry of Defense.

The implications of Pakistani involvement seem rather hard to miss.   Of course the Pakistanis are calling it an attack by Jews.  Again, my jaw drops but knowing third-world countries and the absolute media control they have it seems rather more possible that they can force-feed this kind of crap to their population.

3.  Following along in the jaw-dropping stupidity we have the latest propaganda drop from the psychiatrists that 1 in 5 of the population between 19 and 25 is crazy.  And that goes up to half if you include alcohol and drug abuse.  What we really have is a whole generation that needed to have been smacked on their bottoms at age 5 and taught some manners.  These completely self-involved dimwits have a lot of surprises ahead.  Their grandparents (the baby boomers) are racking up huge debts and expect these little honkers to pony up the cash when they can no longer control their bowels.  And any suggestion that the boomers will not get their social security will generate a firestorm that will make the protests about the Iraq war feel like a kindergarten nap session.

Socialist With Knife and Fork Seeking Capitalist With Steak

This provides some wonderfully understandable images that differentiate between socialists (theives) and capitalists (non-theives):

Liberals see a great businessman and think “lucky bastard” or “cheater” – the notion that the man honestly earned his wealth and his success is a possibility that is seldom considered. Rather, they think of the successful businessman as some kind of exploitive tyrant who earned his prize only because he was able to deny it to those beneath him

Liberals don’t even believe that the concept of business risk exists – they view business as a perpetual money pumping, injustice-spewing machine which serves the needs of the few above the many. They never consider the symbiotic relationship between the job providing class and the working class; the idea that jobs have to be created is not one that occurs until an angry, unemployed mob arrives at their doorstop years after the initial advent of socialism. After all, isn’t a job something that each American is utterly entitled to? Jobs are a right, just like health care and an affordable home.

Socialists are merely the crashers at the capitalist dinner party – one capitalist provides the butter, another the wine, another the steak, and then the lone socialist shows up with a knife and fork asking “where’s my fair share, to which I am entitled?”

And after you have paid your federal income tax and state income tax and federal gasoline taxes and state gasoline taxes and state sales tax and county sales tax and local taxing authority sales tax and school property tax and library property tax and county property tax and service provider tax and your road and bridge tolls and your car liscence tax and your driver’s liscence renewal fee and ………

And after all that – the Obamamessiah pops up and says “you bunch over there make too much, I’m just going to take it because I know better and if you object you go to jail”.

At what point does the withdrawal of the consent of the governed occur?  We all know that the coming collapse of the Social Security Ponzi scheme wiill make today’s bailout pale in comparison.  But was Social Security and the $53 trillion of unfunded liabilities in it even mentioned in the past campaign?  Of course not.  Democrats did demogague the taxing of health care beneifts and claim McCain was coming for your Social Security benefits at the very end of the campaign, but isn’t that just standard operating procedure?

President Bush tried to put his political capital to work in 2005 on the Social Security issue and got zero support from his own Republicans.  Apparently the decision has been made to simply let the thing fall apart and deal with the consequences tomorrow – just like Scarlett O’Hara.

And by that time if the Obmanauts have already stolen every incentive for anybody in America to even try and work, just where are they going to get the money from for all those wrinkly Baby Boomers?

Government Guns

The thinking on health care goes like this:

1.  Health care is a right (of course you can’t find that right in the Constitution anywhere, but that’s the premise)

2.  The government should pay for everybody’s health care

Doesn’t that lend itself to:

1.  Gun ownership is a right (which you can actually read in the Constitution)

2.  The government should buy everybody guns


1.  Free Speech is a right (again listed right there)

2.  The government should furnish everyone a newspaper with with to practice their free speech.  or a radio station or a tv station