From the Country That Used to be England

The Daily Mail reports that:

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent – which included wearing Muslim headgear – was a breach of their human rights.

and the yadda yadda comes fast and furious.  The school has a beautiful answer that proves what happened:

A statement from Cheshire County Council on behalf of the school read: “The headteacher David Black contacted this authority immediately complaints were received.

“Enquiries are being made into the circumstances as a matter of urgency and all parents will be informed accordingly.

“Educating children in the beliefs of different faith is part of the diversity curriculum on the basis that knowledge is essential to understanding.

“We accept that such teaching is to be conducted with some sense of sensitivity.”

So we can translate that as, yes this happened and we are furious that all you yokels found out about it.  Here’s a little thought experiment – just what would be the reaction should Muslims be punished for not wearing a crucifix and kneeling to pray to Jesus?

Yes – we all know what would happen – including one of the parents quoted in the article:

“But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war.”

Educrats Screwing Up Schools – Item 23,448

Oh the wonderful education to soon take place in the Democratic Communist People’s Republic of San Francisco:

San Francisco Superintendent Carlos Garcia took a first stab at putting his mark on city schools Tuesday with a plan that pushes the district to face racism and classism head on.

The district’s strategic plan adopted by the school board 6-0 Tuesday night focuses on reversing the typical academic outcomes for black, Hispanic and poor students.

Yes – it is so much more important to face racism and classism (are you kidding me? I haven’t heard this word much before) than do that ugly stuff like actually teaching kids to read and write and cipher. *aside* Does anybody actually know their guzintas any more? Jethro Bodine on the Beverly Hillbillies knew his guzintas. Four guzinta eight two times!

So racism and classism will now be the one true focus for the young commies in training. And just what does this mean? Well, here’s a few things mentioned in the article:

Each school will be judged by how well it “serves each and every student based on that school’s ability to disrupt the historically predictive power of racial, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic student attributes,” according to the plan.

Successful programs would be identified and worked into other schools.

A scorecard will measure school and the district performance across a wide range of indicators including:

— “Percentage of schools that are fully integrated racially, ethnically and socio-economically.”

— “Percentage of SFUSD teachers with a district supplied laptop that is functional and has current software.”

— “Number and percentage of students who drop out of school between grades 6-12.”

— “Number and percentage of students who vote in their local student government elections.”

So somehow the number of teachers with working laptops with the latest and greatest in software will indicate whether racism is defeated in the schools? I hardly think so, and neither does anyone who wasn’t taught by the idiots in the DCSPR school system apparently. It is a nice little piece of bling for the teachers – but I would certainly be interested in knowing how their possesion of a laptop with lots of cool software will make black kids and white kids (any of these left in SF schools?) and hispanic kids not hate each other in subtle and obvious ways.

So at least part of this “initiative” is to get nice toys for the union boys and girls. And can you imagine any more secure and pension-increasing position than to be on the never-ending committee that is to be tasked with defining how schools are to meet criteria that will make them “fully integrated racially, ethnically and socio-economically”? There will need to be subcommittees for race, ethnicity and socio-economic standards with sub-subcommittees based on all the different skin colors that must be accommodated. There will need to be visits to many many different locations in the United States and around the world to see how other cultures interact and define themselves ethnically and racially.  More toys for the boys and girls in a never-ending search for nirvanna. Won’t it be a wonderful day when you can specify just how many left-handed, lesbian, Hispanics of Central American descent are required to define your school as fully integrated? That it will never actually be able to be defined doesn’t mean that spending hundred of thousands of tax dollars in a search for it shouldn’t be undertaken.

Voting in school elections is certainly a great way to prevent racism and classism (?). Interesting that mandating a percentage of left-handed lesbians of Hispanic Central American descent actually be candidates isn’t part of the program yet. But I’m sure that will come after the bureaucrats are done defining just what that percentage means for full integration. And making sure the little turd-producers vote in student elections means that they will get experience in understanding just how futile voting is to changing anything. The popular kids get the positions and the nerds just get laughed at – this is the lesson to be learned from voting in student government elections.  And knowing this will also prevent them from voting in real elections that keep edu-crats in power is a nice side-effect.

And finally, there’s a number that might actually define just how large a potential garbage collector population might exist in the future – dropout rates. What this has to do with preventing racism might say more about the prejudice in those setting up these measurements. However, civilization will always need garbage collectors so making sure that there is a big enough potential pool of applicants by ensuring that the correct percentage of dropouts are present is important for the ongoing maintenance of San Francisco.

I mean honestly – does anybody in their right mind believe that any of these measurements will reduce racism or classism? The rich kids know they are rich and the poor ones will know who has the most toys and money. The color of their skin will separate kids – it did in the past and it will in the future. Its rather hard how to keep these things from happening without blinding every child so they can’t see skin color. And then taking all money from every parent in the Republic and making sure each and very person has exactly the same amount. Funny – but you wouldn’t put the latter past them. And who knows about blinding every child – maybe that’s what they want instead of No Child Left Behind.

The taxpayers money in San Francisco will continue to be wasted effectively according to this plan. Too bad about the poor students who will end up with a diploma they can’t read. But they will be indoctrinated about how their skin color makes them a victim!

Gaming the System

Here’s how the educrats in Sacramento make it look like they are actually doing their jobs:

Will C. Wood Middle School faced a vexing situation when last year’s test results came out in August. Most students had met the mark set by No Child Left Behind. But African American students’ math scores fell far short of it, bringing the school into failing status in the eyes of the federal law.

One hundred students were categorized as black when they took the test last spring. But if the school had fewer than 100 students in that group, their low scores wouldn’t count. So Principal Jim Wong reviewed the files of all the students classified as African American on the test, he said, and found that four of them had indicated no race or mixed race on their enrollment paperwork. Wong sent his staff to talk to the four families to ask permission to put the kids in a different racial group.

“You get a kid that’s half black, half white. What are you going to put him down as?” Wong said. “If one kid makes the difference and I can go white, that gets me out of trouble.”

Over the past two years, 80 California schools got “out of trouble” with No Child Left Behind after changing the way they classify their students, a Bee analysis has found. The changes nudged their status from failing to passing under the federal law.

Of course, the obvious solution of actually teaching these children how to count and multiply and divide is not even considered. And apparently the families of these poor ignorant students have no problems with the whole process either. Instead of the outrage of “why aren’t you actually correcting the problem and making sure my son/daughter can perform to standards” they shrug their shoulders. Which is also why their kids are destined to be the garbage workers of tomorrow.

the point of No Child Left Behind lies in separating test scores by race – then demanding educators bring all children to the same level. The law says all major demographic groups – categorized by race, income, English fluency and disability status – must meet test score targets that increase over time. If one group doesn’t meet the target, the entire school faces the stigma of low performance and a series of consequences.

Advocates see the consequences as extra help for struggling students – from after-school tutoring to more time in the classroom to a change in teachers. Many educators, however, view them as punishment.

Yeah, that whole actually doing your job thing interferes with summer holiday doesn’t it? Because the story notes that before NCLB schools could pass their overall test levels and let the blacks and Latinos stew in their stupidity. But the punishment (their word not mine) of working to bring their students up to standard is a lot harder than just calling them something they are not and then not having to do anything about it.

Just when will black parents start demanding something better? About the time that they quit having children at 13 and start actually being families again – instead of serial wombs for the next drug-dealing punk.

Quote of the Day 30 April

“The biofuels debacle is global warm-mongering in a nutshell: The first victims of poseur environmentalism will always be developing countries. In order for you to put biofuel in your Prius and feel good about yourself for no reason, real actual people in faraway places have to starve to death.” —Mark Steyn

Denver Post – I Want The Schools To Parent My Children

Yesterday’s (Sunday) DP has a big front-page screed about the urgent need to teach children how to have sex. Mark Thrun is identified as a physician at Denver Public Health and the co-parent (tipoff – if you don’t want to be known as “father” you probably are more than a little bit of a pussy-whipped Alan Alda caring and weeping proto-male) of two spirited little boys. He’s also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at CU focusing on AIDS research.

So what’s the big issue for the Post? The schools are not teaching kids enough about how to use condoms. In fact, 30 percent of the public schools are teaching abstinence (the horror! – teaching the one absolutely assured method of not getting pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease).

Of course, its all the fault of “a few vocal opponents of comprehensive sex ed” – which we all know is code for the sexually repressed white Christians who hate all people who aren’t white and Christian like them – the filthy Christians!

So why is it so important that public schools teach sex?

Occasionally, the brave among us might begin the conversations at home. Awkward and stinted, we try to muddle through “The Talk” as best we can.

Some of us, however, never even get that far. Instead, we assume that the educational system will step in. Or, at least, that is what we hope.

So I’m such a pussy I can’t talk to my children about sex – I want some stranger to tell them about it. I completely abdicate my responsibilities as a parent to the all-knowing, perfect government education system who will fill my kids brain with some information about sex – just so long as I don’t have to do it.

But then in steps the filthy idiots who don’t want to teach my children some things that I want them to know about – condoms, birth control, homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, whatever. It would seem that logically this would be the point where I would step in as a parent and start providing whatever sexual information I wanted my children to know. If you are a parent and you want your kids to know this information – tell them. They are, after all, your children.

But this is apparently far too logical a choice for Dr. Thurn. His choice – pitch a hissy fit to force the schools to tell the kids what YOU want them to know regardless of what anyone else believes.

We abdicate our parental and societal obligations to our youth by choosing not to prepare them to be responsible when they do become sexually active.

This is where we as parents need to step in. It is imperative that we take on the task of encouraging and collaborating with schools to develop appropriate sex ed courses.

So you are willing to stand up to your right as a parent to scream and yell about what is being taught to everyone, but take absolutely no responsibility as a parent to teach your children what you want them to know?

Typical gutless liberalism.  Force everybody to believe as I do, just don’t make me actually do anything myself.

So Why Are We Defending South Korea?

Stars and Stripes reports the following interesting information:

When the Korea Military Academy asked its incoming cadets in 2004 to name South Korea’s main enemy, they were shocked at the answer: 34 percent said the United States while only 33 percent said North Korea.

The academy’s then-superintendent, retired Lt. Gen. Kim Choong-bae, was so concerned about the survey results he cut the cadets’ boot camp from six weeks to four.

During the two extra weeks, cadets attended classes on South Korean history to learn how the country got its independence, what happened during the Korean War, and the role the United States played in the war.

Teachers told them about the U.S. Military Academy at West Point class of 1950, whose cadets graduated less than a month before the start of the Korean War. Nearly 50 of those cadets were killed.

“The [KMA] cadets were shocked. They said, ‘We didn’t know that,’” Kim said.

The cadets told academy officials they had leftist teachers in middle and high school who told them the United States was trying to dominate South Korea.

They are shocked at the fact that the United States fought to free their own country? This isn’t some ancient history – this is something that happened in the lifetime of their parents/grandparents.

1. Perhaps its time to bring home the bodies of all the brave Americans who died defending this country.

2. And its definitely time to tell South Korea that if they want to deal with the filth that is Kim Jong Crazy – they can have at it. Just not with any Americans on the firing line.

And doesn’t this really show how important the battles over education really are? The whole generation was brainwashed into believing that their major enemy was the United States. For those of you with crumb-crunchers in the public schools this ought to be a major wake-up example. Your children are being taught that YOU are the enemy.

Red Dawn 2 – Attack of the Toys

\"Hey round-eye! Bang Bang! We kick your butt with finger gun!\"

Harvey over at IMAO has his finger on the pulse of the latest Hollywood idea:

United Artists has announced that they are currently filming a sequel to the war movie classic Red Dawn, which will be released in 2009, on the 25th anniversary of the original.

The new movie will be based on several true stories, none of which are connected in real life. In “Red Dawn 2: Beaten By Toys”, a brigade of Chinese Communists will – under the guise of carrying an Olympic torch – rampage through America, conquering city after city with no resistance using only objects which have been banned in American school systems. For example:

* A real WWII grenade with no explosive charge or detonator.

* A butter knife.

* Overly sugared Kool-Aid mix.

* A beeper.

* A Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

* A squirt gun.

* A pen with the Glock logo.

* Jolt Gum.

* Nails.

* Non-alcoholic jello shots.

* Mouthwash.

* A drawing of a gun.

* A Sharpie marker.

* A ham sandwich.

* Snowballs.

* An emergency roadside kit.

* Midol.

* A pointed finger combined with the word “bam”.

UA publicist Dennis Rice is enthusiastic about the upcoming release. “First, we’re thrilled that we can bring the sort of ‘ripped from the headlines’ relevance that America expects from its movies. Second, it’s a well-deserved fart in the face to the greatest nation on earth, and it’s sort of our way of thanking America for letting us make a living by biting the hand that feeds us.”