Wind Power Blows

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Wind has been the cornerstone of almost all environmentalist and social engineering proclamations for more than three decades and has accelerated to a crescendo the last few years in both the United States and the European Union.
But Europe, getting a head start, has had to cope with the reality borne by experience and it is a pretty ugly picture.
Independent reports have consistently revealed an industry plagued by high construction and maintenance costs, highly volatile reliability and a voracious appetite for taxpayer subsidies.
In the journal Energy Policy gas turbine expert Jim Oswald and his co-authors, came up with a series of damning conclusions: not only is wind power far more expensive and unreliable than previously thought, it cannot avoid using high levels of natural gas, which not only it will increase costs but in turn will mean far less of a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions than has been claimed.
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The Future of Europe

Copenhagen gets its littel wakeup call this morning with this:


The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark’s capital was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf Sunday morning. Police removed the clothing after a telephone caller reported it, spokesman Jorgen Thomsen said. The statue sculpted in tribute to author Hans Christian Andersen draws about 1 million visitors a year and is targeted occasionally by vandals. On Tuesday, the statue’s face, left arm and lap were found doused with red paint.

In 2004, someone put a burqa, the head-to-toe Islamic robe, on the statue, along with a sign questioning Turkey’s bid to join the European Union.

Of course there’s a take that this wasn’t done by the Muslims in Denmark:

Pranking the Little Mermaid is a national sport over there, and this is one of the most benign pranks I’ve ever seen. In the past, when people have been trying to create a stir, it’s mostly been decapitations and other acts of vandalism (paint being very popular), so dressing her up in a burqah hardly even registers on my outrage scale, and I don’t honestly see why a fundamentalist Islamist would resort to anything as harmless as simply draping a piece of cloth over her if he were out to make a statement.

In my opinion, and knowing quite a bit about how the good people of my native stomping grounds think, it’s much more likely to be a peaceful protest against the Islamification of Denmark, made by local patriots. What better way of saying “beware of where we’re headed” than dressing up a national symbol in traditional muslim garb? It’s guaranteed to make the news, and it’s a quite effective message too.