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I have been living in Colorado for 8 years, currently residing in the Monument area. I am a conservative Republican, I support America and the efforts we are taking to defend ourselves. Without the belief in America and ourselves, we can never be safe.

EcoNazis sure to be made at Rahm

Welcome to the party, pal. It appears that former Obama chief-of-staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is embracing President Trump’s rhetoric that environmental regulations are standing in the way of infrastructure spending. From a WSJ hosted panel with Emanuel and DJ Gribbin, Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Policy: Emanuel on enviro regs sounds…

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US Senator won’t support Gorsuch because he values the law – CA Idiots

Pssst … Kamala, he’s a judge. That’s sort of his job? Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued legalisms over real lives. I won’t support his nomination. https://t.co/7SLAOI6MXx — Kamala Harris (@SenKamalaHarris) March 24, 2017 So she won’t vote for Gorsuch because he values legalisms aka the law. Wow. That makes absolutely NO sense, way to go,…

via Ummm, WAT? Kamala Harris says she will not vote for Gorsuch because he values ‘legalisms’ — twitchy.com

Will .GOV websites be reset to comply with the First Amendment?

When will .GOV Domains be Reset to Comply with the First Amendment? Guest essay by Leo Goldstein Government publications, including websites, must be free of partisan propaganda. The Obama administration violated this rule and turned government websites into propaganda outlets of the left wing of the Democrat Party. It was especially shameless in promoting climate alarmism. […]

via Government websites break their own rules to cater to ‘climate cult’ — Watts Up With That?

“Progressive” Dems still have no idea how Trump Won

Because that worked so well when they tried it before… Via Daily Caller: Progressive political action group Priorities USA published an anti-Trump strategy memo Friday advising Democrats to attack Trump on his political statements and his close connections to Wall Street, a line of attack that failed during the 2016 presidential election. The memo heavily…

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via Discourse Today. … — Freedom Is Just Another Word… Noun hypocrisy (countable and uncountable, plural hypocrisies) The contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially. with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretence, sham. The claim or pretense of having beliefs, […]

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DHS to Expedite Deportation Proceedings by Not Using Judges

Bravo! This will counter Mexican activists who have vowed to jam U.S. courts as deportations surge. Head ’em up… move ’em out. Via Daily Caller: With immigration courts reaching a record backlog in 2016, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly ordered Monday that illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for less than two…

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Sea Temperatures Virtually Unchanged Since Last Glacial Period

…When Sea Levels Were Roughly 20 to 30 Feet Higher than Today Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Science recently published Hoffman, et al. (2017) Regional and global sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation. Not too surprisingly, the study has been ignored by the mainstream media. Why? As Science writes in their summary (my boldface): Sea […]

via Mainstream Media Ignores New Study: Present Sea Surface Temperatures “Indistinguishable” From Those During Last Interglacial… — Watts Up With That?