Beckwith Is Back

Real Science

Paul Beckwith apparently didn’t suffer enough humiliation after his 2013 forecast for an ice-free Arctic, and is back for more.


Today he is claiming that “human warming” is pushing the entire Greenland ice-sheet into the sea.

ScreenHunter_2428 Jul. 07 16.04

The Greenland surface mass balance shows a gain of 400 billion tons of ice for the year. almost exactly at the 1990-2013 mean

ScreenHunter_2427 Jul. 07 15.36Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

There is nothing unusual going on in Greenland, or with mindless alarmist hysteria. The ice sheet is bitter cold, just like it always is.

ScreenHunter_2429 Jul. 07 16.10


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