Reading Thermometers Is Hard

Real Science

In the 1970’s, back when NASA was putting men on the moon – they simply didn’t know how to read thermometers correctly. Scientists thought that 1970 was cooler than 1900, and there was a big spike at 1940 – followed by rapid cooling.

ScreenHunter_8556 Apr. 12 11.05

ScreenHunter_8559 Apr. 12 11.33

NASA can no longer put men on the moon, but they can go back in time and reread thermometers from the 1970’s. They have since discovered that 1970 was much warmer than 1900, and that the scientists who put men on the moon were of inferior intellect to Mikey, Gavin, and Jim.

Fig.A (1)

The image below overlays the 1970’s graph on the current one. NASA time travel  has removed the blip, and saved us from the unpardonable sin of climate denial.

ScreenHunter_8558 Apr. 12 11.22

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It would be good to remove at least part of the…

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