One thought on “All You Need to Know About Hollywood

  1. While I share your disappointment with the Swiss decision not to extradite Mr. Polanski, I am surprised that you would defend Mr. Gibson — and I think you’ve overlooked part of the story. From an LA Times story:

    “Sources told the Times, though, that the agency’s bad feelings go back to Gibson’s last profane, ethnic-slur-laced rant, during his 2006 drunk-driving arrest — but that they kept him out of respect to longtime agent Ed Limato, until Limato’s death last week.”

    It seems perfectly reasonable that the agency, wishing to protect its reputation, would drop Mr. Gibson. I don’t think they represent Mr. Polanski — after all, what would be the value of having an American agency represent a man who can’t travel outside of France, Switzerland, and Poland?

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