Troofers and Revolution

If anything proves that the OpEdNews website is a bastion of liberal kooks, this “editorial” by Rafe Pilgrim sure gives it the stamp of kookiness:

Obama’s masters exert more powerful influence upon him than we do, that is those of us who are aware of the subversion. “Their” support and machinations gave him his job and will gild his future. All that is required of him is his loyalty to “them.”

In summary, what all this means is that we can’t get from where we are to the truth of 9-11, the truth of the motivation to attack on Iraq, the trashing of our Constitution, etc, then on to decent governance without first assembling the forces necessary to move those issues onto America’s agenda, an agenda that will be disallowed by incumbent power unless forced otherwise by citizen action.

I mean its pretty much standard level BDS and 9-11 Conspiracy, but this one thing caught my eye.  Mr. (Ms? It?) Pilgrim asserts the following:

History presages four possible variations of fate for our future, here listed in order of decreasing attraction:

(1) An epiphany that finally gifts the citizenry with the insight into the rottenness of our governance and the necessity to change such by direct passive action such as their massive (millions) enduring presence (weeks, months, however necessarily long) at the seat of government (DC) and not to leave until peace and decent governance are assured.

(2) Revolution.

(3) Armed action against America by the decent governments of the world who will have lost patience with the treachery wrought internationally by our government.

(4) Probably the worst of all the possibilities: things would not change but achieve a rotten permanence or perhaps get even worse.

Really?  Revolution?  This from the bunch that wets themselves at the very thought that something as horrible as a gun exists in the universe and he thinks that a bunch of hippie-dippie kooks will actually start a revolution in America?  Maybe a revolution of hernias at people laughing at the idea of this group of twits doing anything but gazing at their own navels.

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