Gang Finds Suing New York Pays Better Than Crack

The gang’s leader, Anthony Lawrence, was shot multiple times in his apartment in August. The robbers weren’t there to steal his crack profits; they were after the $17,000 settlement he’d received in his latest suit against the city.
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New York City gets sued 200 times a week. And since its payouts this year have already reached $637 million as of July 1, it’s naturally reticent about going to trial. But it appears the city has become so zealous in settling at all costs that pretty much anyone can game the system. Even if you’re a notorious Brooklyn crack gang, which has pulled in $500,000 by repeatedly suing New York…

Anthony Lawrence and Shamel King’s crack crew pulled in $500,000 by suing New York 20 times
The East 21st Street Crew is not the kind of gang that gathers sympathy. Over the past two years, police recorded 100 crack buys on tape before busting them last month.
But according to cops, checks from the city paid better than crime. Members have sued New York 20 times for various civil rights claims. Shamel King, charged with 37 counts of distribution, pulled in $117,000 on six separate suits.
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