How Many Racists?

I know this isn’t even close to the entire list, but here’s a few that have come to my attention:

Andy Ostroy at the Puffington Place

there’s a raging disdain and disrespect for this president unseen in U.S. political history. And it’s because he’s black. I’ll say it again: it’s because he’s black. Carter has served America well by calling us as a nation out on it.

We racists also are thankful for Peanut Jim, but mostly because he is such a wonderful example of liberal doofusness.

Glenn W Smith:

The party’s faithful, which sadly includes many angry racists, continue to engage in hate talk.

Of course, Glenn goes to his wonderful imaginary place where some violence occurs which will fill him with joy:

But I have to ask:  don’t many of us have the sense that the racist anger will continue to grow, or to grow louder, until some tragedy occurs? Will it take the deaths of young innocents?

They really do get to the point of seeming to want a martyr don’t they?

As Hot Air notes – Joel Klein is almost beyond parody any more:

Since I was one of the early racism-shouters here on Swampland, and on the Chris Matthews show last Sunday, I probably should explain why “this conversation” is heading in the wrong direction.

But most of all, they are freaked by an amorphous feeling that they America they imagined they were living in–Sarah Palin’s fantasy America–is a different place now, changing for the worse, overrun by furriners of all sorts: Latinos, South Asians, East Asians, homosexuals…to say nothing of liberated, uppity blacks.

Just one question – why is it you never hear the word uppity unless its from a liberal?

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