Predictions for Tonight’s ObamaLoveIn

A few of the things I expect to hear and read during and after The Messiah’s speech tonight:

  • “Gosh darn it, I’ve said it before but the thrill running up my leg is a 13 on a scale of 1-10” – Chris Matthews
  • As we remember Ted Kennedy and his brave and life-long fight to provide a fair health care system for all Americans….
  • We have heard and seen a lot from a small and angry segment of the population, but tonight the President has reset the terms of the debate so we can proceed with clear and calm confidence…
  • The President’s clear restatement of the guiding principles all Americans agree with regarding health care will guide the debate as the bill is considered in Congress….
  • I don’t know how many times we have seen it, but again the President demonstrated his ability to lead the country through times of calamity and crisis….
  • We can only hope that others with follow the lead of the President as they consider the actions needed to fix our broken third-world level health delivery system….
  • We know that the vast majority of American support the President as he seeks to correct one of the most intransigent issues of the past half century….
  • Our polling shows that 99% of the non-kook Americans believe that simply sipping a glass of water that He has touched will cure them of every disease and unhappiness

Well maybe not that last one.

Behold the Word of The Messiah

Behold the Word of The Messiah

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