Top 10 ugly plants

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Bastard cobas  (Cyphostemma juttae)

Bastard cobas
(Cyphostemma juttae)

A slow-growing, ornamental plant that can reach 6ft, also called wild grape,
tree grape and Namibian grape.

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Birthworts  (Aristolochia gigantea)

(Aristolochia gigantea)

Also referred to as pipe vines, they are widespread and appear in various

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Elephant's trunk  (Pachypodium namaquanum)

Elephant’s trunk
(Pachypodium namaquanum)

Found in the North Cape of Namibia

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Corpse flower

Corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanium)

This plant only blooms every four to six years within its 40-year life

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Tree tumbo (Welwitschia mirabilis)

Tree tumbo
(Welwitschia mirabilis)

The plant, found in south-west Africa,

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Thorn of the cross  (Colletia paradoxa)

Thorn of the cross
(Colletia paradoxa)

Also known as gigs, curumamil, cross

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Stinky squid  (Pseudocolus fusiformis)

Stinky squid
(Pseudocolus fusiformis)

A mushroom first reported in Pittsburgh, North America

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Vegetable sheep  (Raoulia eximia)

Vegetable sheep
(Raoulia eximia)

Named because of the way it looks from a distance

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Sea onion (Bowiea volubilis)

Sea onion (Bowiea volubilis)

Also known as the climbing onion

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Monkey cups (Nepenthes)

Monkey cups (Nepenthes)

Also commonly known as tropical pitcher plants

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