Dance of the Straw-men

Consider the rhetorical straw-men that he marshals in speech after speech. Always divisive, always Alinsky-like, always agitating, the masterful community organizer can’t help himself.

On Health Care (03-05-2009): “…today, there are those who say

On Taxes (09-26-2008): “…we all would love to lower taxes on everybody. But here’s the problem: If we are giving them to oil companies, then that means that there are those who are not going to be getting them…”

On Abortion: (09-01-2008) “…Choice is about how we lead our lives. It’s about our families and about our communities. It’s about our daughters and whether they’re going to have the same opportunities as our sons. There are those who want us to believe otherwise…”

I’ll be frank. I’m sick of his use of Alinsky’s tactics. Always dividing, always creating straw-men, always creating scapegoats. Never once appreciating the wonder of individualism, of liberty, of our founders.

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He needs scapegoats. And Barack Obama never fails to manufacture them.

On Middle East Peace (06-04-2009): “…There are those who would continue and intensify this failed status quo
On Intolerance (06-03-2009): “…to this day, there are those who perpetuate every form of intolerance
On Terrorism (05-21-2009): “On one side of the spectrum, there are those who make little allowance
On Notre Dame’s Graduates (05-17-2009)
there are those who will stop at nothing to do us harm…”
On Science (04-27-2009): “…there are those who say
On Cap-and-Trade Taxes (04-14-2009)
There are those who’ve argued that we shouldn’t attempt
On Turkey (04-06-2009): “…I know there are those who like to debate
On the G8 and Financial Regulation (04-01-2009): “…this notion that somehow there are those who are pushing
On the Iranian People (03-20-2009): “…There are those who insist
On the Stimulus Package (03-06-2009): “…There are those who believe that all we can do
On Taxes (3-18-2009)
there are those who say
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