Joe Biden is a Major Player, says Joe Biden

So does it comfort you to know that a kook of this major dimension is one heartbeat away from the Presidency – or would it be comforting to know that this clown could only improve on who is in there now?
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Yesterday’s Washington Post served up this headline: “Obama Enlists Biden’s Expertise About High Court.” The sole source cited by the Post for the proposition that Biden has a major say in selecting the next Supreme Court nominee is Biden himself. The only other source in the portion of the story that deals with Biden’s role in policy matters is Ron Klain, Talkin’ Joe’s chief of staff. Klain touted Biden’s foreign travels and asserted that “having a vice president who can do that sort of work has been a huge asset to the president.”
It’s not difficult to discern what happened here. Biden made a fool out of himself once more with his statement that he “wouldn’t go anywhere in confined spaces right now.” So he and his staff sought to plant a puff piece about his role in grown-up policy stuff. And the Washington Post duly obliged.
Obama should put Biden to use when it comes time to prep the eventually nominee for his or her Senate hearing in order to make sure the nominee can suffer fools.
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