Race for Dependence

Victor Davis Hanson has a wonderful recap on all the things The Teleprompter-in-Chief is racing to do – mostly to get us so completely in the hole we can’t get out again:

I think his key insight is:

Given that the 1964 LBJ landslide quickly led to Nixon, the 1976 New Carterism led to Reagan, and the 1992 Clintonism was followed by GWB, Obama must know that his gargantuan spending and borrowing and regulation will lead to mega-taxes which will lead eventually, as is always the case, to stagflagation: low growth, high unemployment, high inflation, and high interest.

So we are in a race—a race to get the dependent constituents permanently in place and institutionalized before the proverbial (fill in the blanks) hits the fans. If he succeeds, we will end up like a Greece, France, or Belgium— weekly strikes by government workers and unions, rampant cynicism as everyone seeks to land the federal job for base salary and taxes and benefits, and then moonlights to get untaxed cash and barter for necessary goods and services, all coupled with a culture of blame at various foreign and domestic “thems” who make us so unhappy.

I know that more than 50 million Americans didn’t vote for any of this to be happening, but with control of the Executive and Legislative branches firmly in hand and a Judicial branch that only moves left, we have a lot of work ahead of us to undo this damage.  Assuming it can be completed.

Let's get this done before they find out just what we are doing

Let's get this done before they find out just what we are doing

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