100 Days Recap

Great recap on the Messiah’s 100 days of ignominy at Conservative Oasis:


  • He has handled promises poorly, breaking many.
  • He has shown incredibly poor vetting procedures for cabinet members, and even MORE egregious, actually followed through on the appointments of people who should not have been allowed to be considered in the first place.
  • He has rushed things which deserve far more attention and scrutiny and caution.
  • He has ruined any chance of bipartisanship, changing the tone in Washington, mostly by his handling of the stimulus package, but he has contributed to that with several other actions which flaunt his arrogance and have undermined our position on the world stage. I find this to be his largest mistake, as he lost a lot of opportunity to move the country ahead, right there, in trade for ramming through a far left agenda. His second largest mistake derailing bipartisanship could still grow to be #1; releasing the documents concerning administration interrogation procedures.
  • He has had high ambitions for foreign policy changes and greater cooperation with Europe and others, only to come away with little more than an opportunity to give conciliatory, apologetic speeches and glad hand with people we should be stern with. The G20 and South American Summit showed that people loved to meet our new rock star, but he really did not seem to carry much “gravitas”. I think Bono from U-2 might have had more impact.
  • He has shown himself to be a pretty boy propaganda hype driven candidate that knew more about how to get American’s to vote for him than he actually did about the “facts on the ground” concerning many of the items he listed that he would “change”. Several very glaring examples of this head in the clouds ignorance have come to show that he knew little about the reality and effect of such changes on the United States.
  • On domestic policy, all he has really done so far is ceremoniously attack principles with pen by taking down executive orders, many of which are slaps in the face of people of faith all over the Country.
  • Obama is leader by proxy. He has shown that he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, so he hands the reigns to the congress, which is ‘led’ by zealots from the left. At least then, he can blame them, stating it was the best that the officials elected by the “American people” could give him at the time, and therefore, he “inherited” any problems which might arise from their legislation.

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