Putting State Checkbook Online Passes Colorado House

Good for Representative Nikkel:

HB 1288 passed out of the House on third reading Thursday morning. Four Democrats, Reps. Joel Judd, Gwen Green, Sara Gagliardi and Su Ryden voting no.

House Bill 1288, legislation seeking to put the state’s checkbook online, was approved on second reading in the House Wednesday.

On April 2, Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat, signed an executive orderB.J. Nikkel, a Loveland Republican and HB 1288’s sponsor, says Ritter’s executive order does not go far enough and has continued to advocate for her bill’s passage. also geared toward putting state finances online. But Rep.

While the efforts may be similar, Nikkel says it’s important that transparency be accomplished through statute and not executive order because orders can be repealed at any time by any governor and for any reason. Additionally, she has criticized Ritter’s plan to put state expenses online, saying it only allows for aggregate spending totals in many instances.

Interesting that the only opposition was from Democrats.  I wonder why they would want ot hide state expenditures from the very people who are being extorted for the money?

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