Stimulus Chimp

What a wonderful day we have today.  This appeared in the NY Post:


And the Obamunists and Nutroots have gone completely ballistic. How dare someone compare the authors of the bill which will save America and the globe to a crazed chimp?  Some of the good ones I have found so far:

1.  Of course its meant to show Obama being killed

The chimp is CLEARLY meant to represent Barack Obama

2.  Its racist

Obviously race hustler Al has to weigh in:  “The cartoon in today’s New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys…….”

Wonkette: Yes, yes, the angry white bitters are pretty racist, surprise, and this impotent minority is just going to fume in the ugliest possible way for the next eight/twelve years

Somebody called Olliver Willis: Well, at least they come right out and compare the President to a monkey. Don’t hide the racism, wingers!  (I love the gratuitous wingers.  does that mean right-wingers or left-wingers or tin-foil-hat-wingers?)

3.  Its Dangerous

“But for someone on the edge, this cartoon – showing LAW ENFORCEMENT killing the ‘symbol’ of the President – can make it seem ‘okay’ to perform this act. In fact, because police officers are performing the killing, to someone on the edge, the cartoon can make the act appear lawful, and justify murder even more.”

4.  It means the President is a Chimp

“The cartoon obviously links the chimp to President Obama, who signed his administration’s economic stimulus plan on Tuesday.”

5.  And their totalitarian side immediately surfaces:

My gut reaction is that this ought to warrant being questioned by the secret service to make sure the cartoonist isn’t actually threatening assassination here.

6.  Its about police brutality

First, the truth of police brutality is real in the black community and there are more than a few examples of police killing black people

Here’s an idea.  The Democrats were like a bunch of rougue monkeys running around passing a trillion bucks in goodies for the boyos.  Trying to bribe Republicans with a ride on Air Force One or watching the Super Bowl with The Messiah while Kentucky froze to death.  Hey – it gives them something to yell about.

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