When A Budget Cut Isn’t A Budget Cut

Death and Doom forecast by Governor Ritter.  The Colorado State budget has to be cut by $1 billion!  Except for this:

The proposals, which the legislature is expected to begin debating in early February, represent an 8.7 percent cut from the $7.9 billion general-fund budget proposal for 2009-10 that Ritter submitted on Nov. 1.

The reconfigured $7.26 billion general-fund proposal for next year represents almost no growth for the $7.24 budget approved for the 2007-08 fiscal year.

Yes, you read that right.  The state is proposing to spend $20 million more in 2009-2010 than 2007-2008.

Only in the twisted reality of politicans is spending more money a cut.  Its less than what the Governor and Democrats WANT to spend – so its a cut.  Do you want to know what a budget cut is?  Its when you spend LESS than the year before.

Try it sometime Governor.

P.S.  How much blame will be piled on TABOR for this cut which is an increase in spending?


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