That Didn’t Take Long

So they haven’t even handed over the second $350 billion, and the Democrats are already talking about having to spend even MORE than the $700 billion.  Here’s The Queen Bee:

Pelosi told ABC’s “This Week” program that “some increased investment” might be needed beyond the $700 billion approved last year under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, to stabilize the nation’s banks and get them to resume making loans.

We have already been told that the $700 billion was simply a big number that was pulled out of somebody’s lower extermities in order to scare Congress into acting without knowing anything.  Now that’s not enough?  And this is on top of whatever special money they will end up giving to the auto worker’s unions and the trillion bucks of “stimulus”.

At some point do we run out of bucks?  The one thing for sure is we will never run out of Democrat’s willingness to spend.  and spend.  and spend.  and spend. and spend………….


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