Democrat Corruption Lineup – Part 1


And we do know this is just Part 1.  However, as an exercise:

1.  Name Them

2.  From which states?

3.  Charges and/or allegations?

and for extra credit – through how many administrations has Charlie Rangel committed ciminal legislature?

2 thoughts on “Democrat Corruption Lineup – Part 1

  1. From L to R:

    Charlie Rangel (NY, Tax evasion), Rod Blagojevich (IL, Bribery), Kwame Kilpatrick (MI, perjury, obstruction of justice…should also include murder, but that’s another story), William Jefferson (Louisiana, Bribery), Eliot Spitzer (NY, Soliciting prostitution), Bill Richardson (NM, bribery).

    Extra credit: 2?

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