Fifty Is The New Zero

American education at work – we seem to be into the third generation of the uneducated teaching children.

What a joy these students will be to their future employers. We will always need garbage collectors.

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— Fifty is the new zero — if you are a Collier County elementary school student, that is.

That’s because the Collier County School District is taking a different approach to help kids succeed. In an attempt to help students learn while making it easier for them to succeed, district teachers will issue a score no lower than 50.

Beth Thompson, the district’s executive director for elementary school programs, said the idea is not new in the Collier district. Educators have studied it for years as the district looked to make grading practices more effective.

“It is bringing more alignment into what a student does,” she said. “A zero has a profound effect on a student and can mean that they have little chance of success.”

“Zeros are really punitive,” she said. “If you receive a zero, you have to go a long way to get a D. Getting a zero has a profound effect on a student’s self-esteem.”

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