90,000 Renewable Energy Colorado Jobs?

The Colorado Governor is touting research (paid for by…The Governor of Colorado) about hwo specatularly wonderful renewable energy is and how its provising food for 90,000 families and:

Gov. Bill Ritter made the startling claim this week that “the renewable energy industry is creating directly or indirectly 90,000 jobs” in Colorado – in other words, 20,000 more than the estimated employment associated with the booming oil and gas industry.

Let’s put the figure of 90,000 jobs in perspective. It’s nearly twice the number of cops, firefighters, security guards and prison guards in Colorado – combined. It’s more than the combined total of every teacher in K-12 schools together with every lawyer and paralegal. Ninety thousand is twice the waiters and waitresses in this state, twice the number of fast-food workers, and only 10,000 or so less than the total for all major health-care occupations (see the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the occupational employment totals).

Here’s another reality check: After the legislature increased the renewable energy standard for utilities last year from 10 percent to 20 percent for 2020, the League of Conservation Voters – not known for soft-pedaling the impact of green energy – told its members that the measure would create a grand total of 4,100 jobs.

Well, how do you get to a figure that there are more renewable energy jobs than teachers, firemen and policemen?

The report admits that the energy efficiency business is “much more nebulous and difficult to define” than renewables, but that doesn’t stop it from trying. For openers, its definition includes “partial segments of large industries such as vehicles [those considered energy efficient], buildings, lighting, appliances, etc.” And don’t sneer at that “etc.” because it covers a lot of ground, too, including “insulation sales” and the recycling industry.

Never mind that people have been blowing insulation into walls for decades: That activity has now been drafted into the New Energy Economy, where it can be displayed by politicians as a trophy of their economic leadership.

Of course, this will be touted as an example of the wonderful leadership provided by the Dummycrats in Colorado who are working to ensure that every single person either works for the government or is dependant on it.

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