What the Election Is About – Liberals

Heaven help us:

“We owe the rest of the world an apology for the last eight years. We can start to make it up by electing Barack Obama.” Those words, spoken to a Daily Telegraph reporter by a lawyer interviewed in Tampa, Florida, chillingly illustrate the strain of masochistic insanity that seems to have gripped part of the American electorate.

So, now we know what this election is really about. It is not about helping the Joes – Six-Pack or the Plumber – in Peoria. It is about appeasing the Fritzes in Düsseldorf, the Ivans in Moscow and the Wus in Beijing. That explains why Obama campaigned in Berlin. Such a deluded, liberal, self-hating mentality would be understandable in times of prosperity; but Americans’ houses are being repossessed, their bank loans withdrawn and their savings shrunk. It beggars belief that some voters are more concerned about pleasing their enemies than reconstructing their country.

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