The Book of Community

It has come to our attention that the latest archeological find has recently been translated and what has come to be known as the Book of Community is available here exclusively:

Chapter 1

1.  In the beginning was the word, and the word was Power.

2.  For from Power come all the other words that are so essential–Money, Influence, Regulations, Contracts, and Manipulation.

3.  So the Chosen One went out into the hinterland and spent much time observing the hicks and rednecks who live beyond the coasts, and he was sore afraid.

4.  “How in the world are we going to get any progress in implementing a new society with these lame-brains running things?” He said.  “We are going to need to come up with a new paradym”.

5.  Now the Annointed One knew that going out and making problems for the Romans would just end up with him getting in big trouble, and there really was no way to scare people into doing what he wanted – so he knew that he would have to put together his knowledge and set it down for use in a future time when it would be possible to run this scam without getting crucified – literally.

6.  Thus He gathered together his disciples and gave them the following instructions

Chapter 2

1.  Most people are more interested in themselves and their families than anything else.  Its one of those survival characteristics that has allowed people to continue existing – and we can turn some of these things in our favor.

2.  Remember – the idea is Power.  How do you get power?  You can kill a bunch of people, but that might involve personal rish, and besides it gets blood on you.

3.  You have to convince people to give it to you themselves.  Willingly and freely.

4.  First you need to cut out a part of the herd that you want to be “yours”.  People divide themselves up naturally – there’s me, then there’s my group, then there’s everybody else.  But you can actually take groups of people and get them to self-identify as a group base on the silliest kinds of things.  The color of their skin, their language, where they live, what things they possess, the shape of their genitals, the way they want to have sex – there are just so many things you can use to get people to think of themselves as part of a group.

5.  Once you have your group, you then need to educate them.  First you should flatter them.  These people need to be convinced that they are special, wonderful, the very embodiment of whatever characteristic it is that you are using to divide them.  The best green-eyed people for example.

6.  You then need to outline their grieveances.  How they have been historically discriminated against.  How they have been injured, stolen from, put down, disgraced.  You must needs be careful in pushing things too far.  Some of these people will go directly to violence and that has to be the last thing you want.

7.  Which is not to say that violence is out of bounds, its just something that when it does happen can never be directly tied to you or your organization.

8.  So now that you’ve got a bunch of people who feel entitled and discriminated against, its only normal that they will need someone to develop their demands and lead them in their fight for justice.  You canst go about this one of two ways – either put yourself forward as a leader, or find an empty suit to be the vision of the movement while you control all the actual power.

9.  Since I see a day when images of individuals will be able to be seen by almost any slob with a pulse, if you happen to be physically imperfect or fat disfigured or bald or in some other way less than fair – you have to find a sock puppet.  Don’t fret – its the power you want, and if you need some fair-looking dupe to bring it to you it is all the same in the end.

Chapter 3

1.  Now that you have your group and your position leading it, you have to start bringing in the drachmas.  And I don’t mean those copper coins–although you never refuse anything and have to start low–but the gold and silver that contain within them the power you crave.

2.  Your first and most obvious source of money is the community you have put together.  Everybody has a little and you need to touch them for it a lot.

3.  Also within your community you will have some who work harder or are smarter and have accumulated more money.  These you need to tap very vigorously.  Form “steering committees” and “community Leadership teams” and put the rich ones on there–as long as they give up the cisteres.

4.  Also these committees and teams are good places to send those loudmouths who think THEY should be running things.  It shall be as it has always been – committees decide nothing, but they do waste lots of time.

5.  But with some working silver, you can now work the system really good.  Your grievances should be shouted from the rooftops.  The discrimination your group experiences shall always be the problem known by everyone else.  And you need the Ceasar and his bunch to fix things for your group.

6.  This is the big time – since we all know that the Ceasar is where the real gold resides.  Once you can get on the good side of the ruler, you just keep pointing out how important the support of your group is to him – and how his help keeps the support on his side.


1.  OK – now you have the money, what do you do with it?  Do NOT start out by taking a bunch of it for yourself.  Oh, you can go ahead and give yourself enough so that you are looked at as a respectable member of your grievance community – but don’t stick out as a sore thumb at the very top.

2.  Remember the object is power, not money.  Although money gives you a path to power, its going to cause problems if you don’t handle it right.

3.  Your first priority should be to spread it around your grieance group.  Some physical updates can take place, but you will get much more power for your silver by giving it directly to people in the community.

4.  The wise man asks which people – and needs to think about it.  You don’t want people who are too independant – they might start questioning you.  You certainly don’t want people who are ambitious – they might go behind your back to Ceasar on their own.  What you really need are those who will accept the money, do as little as they possibly can, but will talk a lot amoung the group to make sure you are praised for being such a wonderful organizer.

5.  One thing you really need to pour silver into is schools.  Of course, most of your group will have offspring who should never even think of educating as group stupidity is what moves the whole process forward.  However, for those who do have the time and look like they might be candidates for inclusion, you absolutely MUST take care that the only thing they are taught are what supports the process.  That they are part of the group, that they have and always will be repressed, that only through the actions of your organization through Ceasar will anything actually happen.

6.  This effort will keep the vast majority of your group under your own control.  You can preach freedom and hope as much as you want – but never make the mistake of actually going ahead and improving the conditions which make your group have a grievance.  Otherwise what becomes of your power.

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