I Wish I Could Write This Well

Just a wonderful post over at The American Thinker about why the left doesn’t understand conservatives, but how we do understand the “progressives”.  I just wish I could write as well as this:

But we also know that when liberals look at conservatives, no such courtesy or openness of mind is extended.  They don’t see considered issues, critical thought, or the faintest possibility of reason. They see white trash men waving bibles at teen brides, while a gaggle of kids groom each other for lice on a cracked linoleum floor. ‘Bitter clingers’ who mindlessly adhere to second-amendment rights so they can shoot baby possum off a tin fence on slow friday nights. The other sort of conservative invariably invokes 19th century robber barons, plutocrat industrialists swollen with loot plundered from the proletariat, abating their whipping of Dickensian child labor just long enough to polish a monocle.

The whole thing is very much worth your time.  And I will swallow my jealousy and get to work on my writing skills.  Which is probably another conservative thing liberals don’t get.  I know I need to work harder – they just expect someone to forgive their spelling.

2 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Write This Well

  1. Very well written. As a coastal dweller for some time now I could share anecdotes regarding rooms full of liberals & the discussions with lefties that lead to them being mad that they’re not right about everything- however the so called conservatives of the past 8 years have been anything but.. “Printing” dollars for Operation Iraqi Freedom & the BS Economic Stimulus package ended up making the dollar WEAK, therefore effecting us WORSE than a higher tax- no one can deny the “war” has contributed to the current ‘recession’. Please do some research & see how much it has cost- Try trillions- & for Christ sake LAY OFF the right wing radio. Think for yourselves!!!!!

  2. Wow, CR, was that commenter a sockpuppet trying to prove your post? That’s good – I don’t care who you are – that’s good. Lay off talk radio, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    We’re still waiting for that recession, 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth….

    Although the democrat resistance to domestic drilling might throw us into one.

    Hey Ness, haven’t listened to talk radio in years.

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