Sign that the Economy is Doing Well

When the deadstream media reports this:

The pending transfer of the widow of television producer Aaron Spelling to a condo unit from a mansion reflects the downturn of the American economy and the real estate market.

You know that things will soon be just fine for the economy.  Of course the details make one giggle:

Candy Spelling, when Aaron was still alive, lived with her husband for almost two decades in a 56,500-square foot French chateau-style mansion which had a wine-tasting room, bowling lanes and silver, china and gift-wrapping rooms. Aaron was the man behind hit TV series like “Charlie’s Angels” and “Seventh Heaven.”

Recently she bought a high-end condo unit for $47 million at The Century in Los Angeles, which has identified wealth with estate living, not a high-rise lifestyle. The 140-unit building is still under construction. Spelling will have two penthouse floors measuring 16,500 square feet, which boils down to $2,848 per square foot.

So downsizing to a $47 million two-floor penthouse condo is a sign of the apocalypse?  Really?

I think its a very rich lady who’s getting older and doesn’t want to have a staff of 12 to take care of a 56,000 square foot house, but doesn’t want to feel cramped so is getting a condo about 8 times bigger than a 2,000 square foot house.  And could probably be staffed with a 4 person staff.

And a sign that the media is really reaching on this foreclosure crap.

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